New map of Y-haplogroup G2a-U1

I think, U1 and L13 may have existed in Europe since Neolithic times. There are several ancient G2a up to G2a2b2a1a found but the quality of the samples probably did not allow a deeper analysis. There are subclades of L13 that are mainly distributed in Europe, and scarcely in Anatolia and the Middle East. I think this may indicate that its formed from L13 in Europe, starting 5000 years or more ago. Maybe even in the north-east of Romania and the west of Ukraine, possible in the Cucuteni population, which seems to be predominantly of haplogroup G2a2b2a...
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Well, no G-U1 was found in Neolithic Europe so far, neither G-M406. Let's see if some sample shows up in the near future. Anyway, the "Caucasian" branch of G-U1 seems to be G-L1266. The TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor) of G-L13, which is spread in Europe and Middle East, is 5000 ybp according to YFull*, so after the beginning of the Bronze Age in (SE) Europe. Its arrival looks to me to have happened in the Bronze Age then. Unless you think the G-L13 MRCA lived somewhere in Eastern Europe and spread to Middle East, in the fashion of clades as R-Z2103?
*Older clades' have higher accuracy due to the higher number of samples used for age calculation.
From the map here
it turns out that L13 along with all the newer subgroups starting with Z2022 are found in Europe in an overwhelming proportion of ~95%. So L13 with its subgroups can be European brands! Why not?

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