On the Adriatic "wolf culture"


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Greetings from the United States! Hope everybody is doing well.

I stumbled upon an old thread, Old Europe (Vinca) language and culture in early layers of Serbian and Irish language (Can't post links, too new). I understand that it was a controversial thread, and I'd like to note that it is not my intention whatsoever to restart the discussion which was seemingly closed by a moderator.

I point to this thread, though, because banned user "Dublin", on page two, mentions the "wolf culture" of Southern Europe. This is what I am interested in. About three semesters ago, when I was wandering the European anthropology/archaeology/cultural studies of my university library, I stumbled upon a text which described the symbol of the "wolf" in the social organization, folklore, and linguistics of the Adriatic people. While I vaguely remember the text discussing the Vinca culture (typing in "vinca" + "wolf" in Google is what brought me to that thread), I could be wrong. The problem here is that I do not remember the title or the author of this work. It could've been about the Bronze Age Adriatic, about the Italic people, on the Etruscans . . . maybe a book on masks, or Balkan folklore. I simply do not know.

The information is important to me because I am completing a novel of sorts, and although it is a work of fiction, I want this information to be accurate.

Does anybody know of any text, or website, which could lead me to more in-depth discussion of this "wolf culture" that Dublin briefly mentioned? If you don't know any specific works, could you point me in the direction of information which could exist on the periphery of this topic?

Thank you for your time. The topics discussed on Eupedia have piqued my interest, and as somebody who studied History during undergraduate years, I think I'll be staying a while to learn as much as I can.

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