origin and prevalence of R-YP445


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I'm hoping a member of this forum could briefly explain the origin and current geographical prevalence of R-YP445. The impetus for this question is a book manuscript I'm preparing about buried treasure swindlers who a century ago crisscrossed the United States claiming they where Spaniards or Native Americans with information which could lead to treasure hidden by their ancestors. The individual I've researched the most is a man named Gonzales who died in Oklahoma in 1946 and who had spent much of his life convincing people to dig for treasure on the basis that he was a Spaniard or Native American (or both) and a descendant of an ancestor who buried treasure. I spent 25 years tracking down descendants of Mr. Gonzales who now live in California. A grandson and a grand daughter know little if anything about their grandfather but I they did have some wonderful photographs. This sparked their interest, and they took ancestry DNA tests. The results of both were decidedly northwestern European. A paternal grandson's YDNA test result was R-YP445. My impression is that R-YP445 may have originated from what's now central Germany. I'm curious to know if that's correct and the current geographic prevalence of this haplogroup. Thanks, Robert Myers, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Hello. I am R-YP445, and my research indicates that yes, it does come from central Germany. My male line comes from Franconian Wurttemberg in south-central Germany. I am also predominantly northwest European genetically (English, Irish, German)

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