Origin of the Parisian in 1920


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I) Corsica , Avignon

II) Savoy

III) Savoy

IV) Corsica, Limousin, Lyon, Creuse (Limousin)

V)Languedoc, Touraine (Northwest France) , Limousin,(South West France), Auvergne, Creuse

VI) Normandy,Poitou, Brittany, Angoumois (near limousin), Auvergne

VII) Angoumois, Languedoc, Angevin (near Brittany), le Mans (Northwestern France)

VIII) Burgundy, Angevins, Normandy, Le Mans

IX) Bearn , Provence

X) Flandre, Artois, Picardy, Alsace

XI) Lorraine, Alsace, Auvergne

XII) Auvergne,Burgundy , Lyon, Avignon ,Provence, Nivernais (burgundy)

XIII) Angoumois, Berry, Nivernais (Burgundy)

XIV) Gascony, Corsica, Guyenne (near Bordeaux), Roussillon (French Catalogne)

XV) Brittany, Le Mans, Angoumois

XVI) Artois, Normandy, Auvergne, Poitou

XVII) Normandy, Angevin, Guyenne (Near Bordeaux), Creuse

XVIII) Flandre, Artois, Picardy, Alsace, Champagne, Lorraine

XIX) Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne, Franche comté

XX) Burgundy, Champagne, Creuse, Franche comté

On this map of Paris, you can see the origin of the 1920's Parisians who were born in other French departements by Arrondissement.( From I to XX). In 1920 they made 50% of the wole Parisian population but the native Parisian population of the 1920 was itself the result of previous immigration. The distribution of the "provinciaux" (born in other French departements) in Paris depends on the Railways station they came in. Thus, most Bretons would live near the Gare d'Orleans, Southwest French near the Gare d'Austerlitz, Northern French near Gare du Nord etc

Central Paris near Notre Dame, Le Louvre and Le Marais was typically inhabited by South East french (Savoy, Lyon, Provence) while Montmartre was inhabited by Northern and Eastern French (Flandre, Alsace, Picardy...).



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