Pfizer and Moderna Booster effective against Omicron

… most people no longer wear masks, and most Covid restrictions are gone,
… as far as I know, I didn’t catch Covid, even though I’ve been around people who had it.

Hopefully the virus has run its course, and that the new variants will be milder.
I got 3 pfizers ,the third shot,i got sick after a few days with a hot fever.

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According to three new studies published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, booster doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccinations have proved to be extremely helpful in avoiding Omicron-related hospitalizations. After becoming infected with Omicron strain, the booster dosages were 90 percent successful in keeping individuals out of the hospital. According to the research, the dosages were also 82 percent helpful in preventing emergency department and acute medical visits.

Covid changes<mutates> over time. Vaccinated spreading Covid exceedingly low. Now vaccinated have become the reservoir.

If a vaccine is effective against Covid hospitalization -- after 3rd booster dose; why do you still keep wearing a mask? Why the need for ongoig Covid boosters; after 3-9 months? What happens if Covid virus keeps mutating one step ahead of the fully vaccinated<def pending 2 shots, 2 shots and booster or 2 shots and 2 or more boosters>.

[h=1]Australia expands fourth COVID dose rollout amid fresh Omicron threat[/h]

The new subvariants have now become the dominant coronavirus strains in several countries, with pandemic experts warning they could lead to more hospitalisations and deaths because they spread more quickly than other coronavirus variants......Australia, among the most heavily vaccinated countries against COVID, has so far administered two doses to 95% of people above 16. More than 70% have been given a third shot, official data showed.
I used to be on board with the vaccines (I've had 2x dose + 1 booster) but it's clear that this rapidly changing virus will not be leaving any time soon. I don't see the purpose of getting boosters when they are not effective against the latest variants. This nonsense with all the China-style shutdowns has caused the massive inflation mess we are now currently in.

The other baffling part is that no world leaders (especially North American or European) seem to want to make anyone accountable. They just shrug it off in their normal left-winged style politically correct mannerisms. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but the world needs to get to the bottom of this. Why did an extremely contagious virus just suddenly appear in 2019 without any real precedent? It absolutely needs an explanation, and the western world leaders are disgusting for either not getting to the bottom of it, or helping cover it up.

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