Photographic file fenotípico of IBERIA.


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Photographic file phenotypic of as the Spanish meet. It tries to be a file of compilation and investigation on the last current Spanish.
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The phenotype is composed by all the genetic features that compose an individual or an organism of any type. Nevertheless, the fenotipo is not anything that it avenges already pre-given if not that can be modified by the relations that the organism supports with the ambience that surrounds it and that it do, in the same way, product of a complex number of ties. In this sense, the fenotipo can point out that a person will have a certain color of skin, but this one will be able to change in a specific way if during the life of the person she turns out to be exhibited in quantity to the sun, whereas the skin of another person cannot react of the same way. This becomes also visible in organisms that turn out to be exposed to the erosion of such elements as the water or the sun and that, therefore, will change his morphologic characteristics of a particular way into every case.

The differentiation that exists between the different genetic codes of organisms of the same type is related to the notion of evolution and adaptation since the disorders or alterations that some fenotipos can suffer before the relation with the way can be the necessary changes so that this organism could adapt oneself to the conditions that surround it instead of stopping existing. Here it is important to point out that the distinction with the genotipo of an organism is that the second one is composed only by the genetically acquired features, whereas the fenotipo is what joined these features, it contains also to the possible changes and changes that this genetic set observes from the interactions with the way.
Interesting testimony of a worker in several Spanish clinics of fertility who is alert on the swindle and the trick towards the partners that sues the service of fertility assisted which they offer them fenotipos for the future baby that they are generic in Spain but obviating other features of the donor that are typical of other latitudes.

"I am a biologist and I have been employed at 2 clinics deprived of fertility. Now I am employed at another field different from the biology. What I have observed during my exercise in these clinics is the practical disinformation of the recipients on the part of the clinics of fertility on the characteristics of the donors, partly motivated by the “ blind faith ” that you have in the selection that the clinics do of the same ones.
You will see ... there is a problem that is few quantity of donors joined the every time major demand of these what makes lower increasingly the strip of wood not only as for the quality parameters of the semen but as for other characteristics of the donors (fenotipo or race, balance of features that is the same that to say that they should not be very ugly, a general state of health, etc ...).

It is the question of the fenotipo where more this problem happens since it is appealed to immigrants that surten an important percentage of the offer, especially South Americans (Peruvians, Ecuadorians, etc ..) and of the Maghreb because for the color of the hair and the eyes he might tipple for Spanish when the recipient ignores that his other features are not precisely those of caucasian race.

Some women have complained when his children have grown and observed these features. The legal topic is much complicated at the time of proceeding against the clinics that are covered very well according to that many you ignore this possibility and sign a contract where the question of the fenotipo is not contemplated.
You have to demand in writing guarantees of a certain fenotipo as well as of other features or genetics that you should be interested in.

There are many donors to whom it would not be important that the recipients saw them in photo or they were even known without obligation you're welcome by any more and many recipients or partners those who them would like to know. In these cases of mutual consent if more information of the donor was obtained that those that the Law of assisted reproduction demands there is no violation any, I understand, of the above mentioned law or other one because simply this one would not apply herself but those who apply themselves out of the donation, that is to say, perhaps would not be called a donation and the donor should resign expressly from the parenthood and from other possible rights, I do not know it so that the partner could register it as son. What I want to say is that legally that is easy to fit, the important thing is that a possibility is opened more that it would give guarantees to the recipients without preventing that those who want to do it like till now (be already donors or recipients) will be able to keep on doing it in entire anonymity."


I believe that these clinics do not have any right to cheat his clients.
There went out here in Spain in the news a clinic of fertility that he was reporting that many British partners with problems of fertility there were demanding Spanish ova and the Director of the clinic said that they were implanting the British women with ova of immigrants Rumanian donors, because this way the future child would not turn out to be so strange with his congéneres, it seems to me different defrauds, so if you are British and demand ova or Spanish sperms that give them for what they ask, because if they do not insure themselves they might give them something that they are not demanding.

A baby is beautiful be which is his race, but all this is the simple one it defrauds.




Four Basques with phenotype typically of Western Europe, although the man escapes from me a little.




In these four Catalans they can turn fenotipos typically of Western Europe or Spanish; although perhaps with more it influences dinaric and typical iberic phenotypes than in the Basque case, excepting the Basque man who must have a strong influence of the Iberian crogmanon.
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And by the way, what autosomal suggest is that Basques have less influence of what you call Iberian Crogmanon (I2a1a*) than the rest of Iberians. They ressemble the French in their Northwestern scores (surely due to the high impact from R1b).
Always as examples the young, young, young and beautiful people: perhaps do the people mature or the least beautiful cannot people be representative?: what is it necessary to do with the people who is not so beautiful or with the old men? it is not just, many young people dies of anorexia because we always prove to be the beautiful and young people.

I am still almost young and beautiful, but I like being with the mature people or not so beautiful, because the beauty nowadays is stupid.
It doesn't matter the age or if the person is ugly or not. What is not serious, is to show people like Alicia Sánchez Camacho (note black color) as representative for Catalonia, when she has little or no Catalan ancestry.

If you want to remark regional looks, the less you can do is to use people whose ancestry goes according to the especific areas. And that's exactly what I did.
I am thinking about remembering that Hitchcock asked to the Spanish cinema an actress to interpret Juanita Santa Cruz, who had to be a South American personage of that time from Spain they sent to him Teresa Gimpera, so Hitchcock finally obtained another actress to interpret Juanita Santa Cruz who was the German actress Karin Door.
In any place there can be a blonde or a brown bread, but certainly the Catalan woman not Spanish in general they have the appearance of Teresa Gimpera, from what it is not representative, but Sánchez Camacho perhaps to his genetics autosomal has the clearly Catalan face and the essence, his surnames are less Catalan than those of Teresa but Sánchez Camacho gives more the appearance of the typical Catalan one than Teresa: it is curious!



Mónica Randall represents much better the phenotype of the Catalan woman than Teresa Gimpera.
I totally disagree with you. Alicia Sánchez Camacho's face looks very artifical, she has very rare traits and who knows if she has done some surgery (quite bad IMO). I wouldn't tell she is representative of any region in terms of phenotype, much less in Catalonia.

When I visit my mother's town in the Alt Camp region, I can assure nobody is close to her (not even slightly). She is typical nowhere, that simple.
I can make sure to him that Sánchez Camacho has a prototype of face that is much fecuente in Catalonia, even the form of his mouth and teeth. In fenotipo and physically Sánchez Camacho can represent a concrete prototype, I would place it for Gerona.

I do not know what it has against Sánchez Camacho she is a very beautiful woman.
No way, you obviously haven't seen many Catalans. Her traits, as I said, are not typical anywhere since she looks like a surgery product.

The thing is very simple: You CAN'T use pictures saying they are Catalan when they are not. Alicia Sánchez Camacho probably has 0 Catalan ancestry, so it's a bad example. If you want to say she is more or less representative of the main Spaniards (I doubt it for what I already mentioned), well, it can pass. But placing her in a concrete region having little or no ancestry there, it's plain nonsense.

It's the same as if I start picking Andalusians and go saying they are typical Galicians. Quite absurd having real Galicians to show reliable examples.

Think what he should want, but Sánchez Camacho has face of Catalan, more that of no other place of Spain, it must be his adn autosomal.
Well, I see you don't accept the evidence. This thread could be useful, but if you'll remain in denial posting people whose ancestry is not from the region, then my time here is over.

Enjoy, and good luck ;)
Well, I see you don't accept the evidence. This thread could be useful, but if you'll remain in denial posting people whose ancestry is not from the region, then my time here is over.

Enjoy, and good luck ;)

Sánchez Camacho some day will be the president of Spain.

Anyway you still have not demonstrated that Sánchez Camacho does not have Catalan ancestry, since he will know many Catalans have Castilian surnames and do not come from the last emigraciones of the rest of Spain precisely.
Then since it dates until date has to be considered to be that yes the Catalan fenotipo can represent someone or not?

Sánchez Camacho can have the half, a quarter, I cannot it about Catalan ancestry and have extracted the whole face of the Catalan one, and consider her to be representative completely of a concrete type of face that happens very much in Catalonia.

It has extracted face of Catalan, the one who can know why, perhaps it influences the cultural ambience, perhaps could have Catalan ancestors who emigrated some day to another place, from what it would be of going and return. In Spain the people have moved herself from one place to other. Neither it is possible to make sure that it it should not be.

Loles León.


Lorena Gómez.


Estíbaliz Sanz.


Verónica Hidalgo.


Verónica López.


Ana Carolina Benítez.

Vanessa Lorenzo.

Sample of phenotype of woman born in Catalonia but 100 % Andalusian of origin. Since it can turn they are a few completely extraterrestrial phenotypes and clearly it is seen that they are not Catalan of origin.
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After last set of pictures I realized that my visit in Spain is long overdue. :)

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