Climate change Possible hand amputation of climate protestors

I confess that sometimes all this ecological brainwashing also seems to me to conceal the intention to probe to what depths human stupidity has reached and how great is its disposition to follow the herd uncritically.

After all, she and those other dazed people who go around defacing monuments are, in their own small way, following the same logic that the EU imposes on its peoples to follow improbable ecological chimeras, forcing them into self-defeating green conversions (very costly, which will in fact contribute to a widespread economic decline), while the real world polluters will continue to prosper undisturbed.

But at some point, it is only fair that the peoples - whose stupidity is now well established - succumb.
the instigators should be held personaly acountable
and the folowers, they are just stupid
I bet it was connected to Alieen Getty who proudly bankrolled the attacks on artwork. She is essentially financing terrorism that seeks to destroy Western artistic patrimony in the name of environmentalism.

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