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Yesterday I was replying to linguistics thread and I got some error that my post is hidden until moderator reviews it (or so I understood). I wonder what caused it because I have two possible reasons. Either it was because I
a) added a link but I just recently got over 10 posts, so maybe such links are being reviewed by mods
b) used an "s" word. Because it touched subject of Latvian word "dēls" (son) origin and it was thought to come from IE root with meaning "to s*ck" (put * because dont want this post also dissappear).

"a" could be acceptable, but "b" I would think is strange for linguistics subforum specifically :)
c) sometimes we can't find a reason why it lands in moderator review. Even moderator's posts can end up there, go figure.

I'll try to find your post.
Thanks, I can see my post now. Will try to avoid s (and f, b, etc) words and links for some time :)

I have posted three posts so far and all three were blocked for moderator review. I just registered in this forum. And there was nothing offensive at all from my posts nor were they directed at anyone. What's going on? Is this standard procedure, I can't posts until a moderator clears me?

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