Question about R1a1 Markers

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Hi there,

I started to dig deeper into my 23andme results, the data as it is now suggests that my Y-DNA belongs to the larger extent to the I2a group.

However I have two positive markers for R and have two questions about that.
It’s probably too specific but I am at the humble beginnings and do not know yet if my questions make sense.

The first marker is R-P285.
The second is (according to 23andme):

Found in: rs2534636, 2657176 C

This part: SRY1532.1/SRY10831/PF6234 can be found in the ISOGG 2016 list.

Looking for information on these markers I found only info on SRY1532.2 and SRY10831.2. Is the x.2 version just an outdated way to refer to these markers?
Is there a database where I can type in a marker and get information about it even if it is an old form?

Assuming that SRY1532.2 is the same as SRY1532.1 – I read that if there is a positive result for this marker the further subclade must be either M17 or M198. But I am negative for both. No positive results further below, just some negative including these two. Is there some info to get out of this fact or is this just some sort of not specified mutation?

The last question refers to Anglo-Saxon samples found in Hinxton. Apparently there was some debate as one of the five skeletons found there had a positive marker for SRY10831/PF6234. But this fact was dismissed by a lot of people (including somewhere in this forum). My question is how is that something to debate about? Either the result is positive or negative. I do not understand yet how defining markers works, maybe someone could explain this to me using this example.

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