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A lot of people see the spread of the "yamnaya men" as a very important event and believe there's a greatness attached to the spread of the Indo-European languages (assuming that R1 carriers from Yamnaya did such a thing) and particularly, something special.

But actually, civilization is quite foreign to the homeland of the Indo-Europeans, even to this very day, Poland isn't the center of civilization, in fact there's evidence that was a less advanced place than their immediate neighbours to the West and South.

So it's unlikely that the Indo-Europeans were a civilization per se, they rather fit with the image of immigrants.
They came from a relatively unknown place, with a lot of good things I don't doubt it, but they WENT TO to another advanced CIVILIZATION.

They're immigrants turned conquerors.
To summarize, they remind me a lot to the Germanic/Barbarians, more than to the "conquering Romans" stereotype.

If you have been paying attention, scholars actually see them as migrants, rather than as the Wagnerian conquerors most consumers of this research believe they were.

In Rome and in Northern Europe, there's a lot more people who are essential to Europe.
original The European population was small, so the Yamnaya conquered without resistance

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