R1B - possible origins of Central Asia Steppes from near Mongols


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I was just looking on the blood groups distribution by country and have seen that Mongolia got around 55% 0+.
They also got some B+, but not much, around 10%.
I am not saying that R1B-M269 are coming from Mongols, but I am saying that is possible that R1B-M269 people were living near Mongols, in the steppes.

Now, if you take Brits,Icelanders,Irish,Iberians they are not so far from the blood groups distribution of Mongols.
Icelanders, Irish, Iberians, Brits have quite high percentages of 0+ blood group.
Italians got also , but a little lesser. It seems that R1B-M269 is quite correlated with higher frequency of 0 blood group.
The only population that does not follows the rule of having plenty 0+ and lots of R1B from Europe, are the Greeks and Cyprus people.
Sure, Mongols do not have a significant negative 0 and A, as the people from Europe got.
Other resemblances of R1B-M269 or the Celts/Gauls with Mongols:
Herding cows.
Having the horse as a very important creature.In fact, horse is the most important creatures for both.
All Gauls and Romans (R1B-M269 people) have the wolf as a positive creature.Mongols also have the wolf as an important creature.
It is also supposed that Genghis Khan had R1b-M343.

Hope that these facts here are enough to show that R1B-M269 people came from the steppes and they were living near the ancestors of the Mongols.

And if all these facts are not enough, Celts are recorded to fight from the backs of their horses.
Similar to Mongols.

All these facts indicate the fact that R1B-M269 actually came from the steppes.
In the steppes, horse is vital to survive and the land is quite good to herd cows.
The dog is very important to protect your cows.So here is how the horse and the dog become the most important animals for the Celts.
Also, fighting from the back of your horse is good in the steppes.
When I say Celts/Gauls I am referring to the group of populations including the Alpine Celts and so on and to R1B-U106 people, also.
(Maciamo says R1B-U106 is associated with Germanics - maybe with some West German speakers.)
A short notice about the Celts and the Gauls since here is written about R1B of European origins:
Celts is the name taken from old Greeks, from Keltoi.
Gauls is the name taken from Romans.
Celts/Gauls were a group of IE people, as Slavs are for example.
More ethnicities with related languages.
But they were not a single ethnicity.
First settle and spreading of R1 comes probably from Eastern
or south-eastern Europe, at best partialy from western Siberia.
My YDNA is R1b-L2-Z150-FGC5007 from Afghanistan. I'm a Hazara

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