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Yesterday I was watching a recent and long report on the reconstruction in Bosnia. Mostly the documentary was focused in Srebrenica, the difficulties of reconstruction, and the difficulties of those who came bak and found their house ruined are still haunted by the past. As well as the identification of all missing persons and of the remains found in mass graves. Not to long ago the bridge in Mostar was also rebuilt, and although there are some good signs, I feel that the Euopean community is not doing a whole lot to really get things going and reconstruct the damaged areas of the Balkans physically emotionally and intellectually. The program was saying that the EU had invested in Bosnia 2 billion euros in the past 8 years. That seems not nearly sufficient enough for the whole process needed to undertake such a task. And then there is Kosovo as well. Although not as badly damaged and scared as Bosnia, the Kosovo issue looms over with a big question of idenity and soveregnity for the future. I wonder what the European Community has in mind as in how to fuly integrate this area that is fille with old feuds and ethnic dislikes. What do you all think? Is there any optimal solution you think would work in this scenario ?
Well, you'll also have to take into consideration that all the money the EU invests there has to come from somewhere. They only have so much money, and if they spend too much money on one country, the others start screaming because they feel treated unjust.
But if the European Community has taken this region under its wing for reconstruction and reformating under a western model, then they should really get things going. 2 billion euros for 8 years in a country as huge as Bosnia is nothing. Considering all the war damages, it's no way enough. I mean, i hear pro-EU intellectuals and EU officials talking about how the united contient will bring up Europe as a new powerful entity who won't have to follow the policies of the US or China in the future, yet I don't see a total commimtment to a full European integration of the whole territory and to the creation of a European Identity. And part of the flip-floping ( omg I've seen too many US presidential debates ) in the Balkans is a proof of negligance to this region. Sure, I mean with 10 new members things are still unsure and shaky, but it's been 8 years already and Bosnia is still in bad shape, Kosovo as well. I'm sure these 2 are probaply the 2 least contributing regions right now, but still, an effort should be done to bring these back to the path for integration
personally by what I read in news I believe that Bosnia and Kossove will split to parts,

the assasination of a witness of a UCK officer responsible for crimes,
as also the situation in North Kossovo shows that Nato was wrong in not changing boarders,

By what i read, a new war in Balkans is possible or a division with peacefull methods splitting kossovo and Bosnia according religion,
Boarders change.
Besides we all live in Balkans, and we all know about,

another warm area is also cyprus Greece and Turkey especially after the gas in field 12 south of cyprus west of israel.
Spliting Kosovo and Bosnia according to religion? You cannot apply that rule on Albanians who are Catholic, Orthodox Christian and Muslim. However we don't need religion to identify ourselves, for that we have our nationality and racial homogeneity.

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