Return to accuse U.S.A. of infringing Catalonia Human Rights


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The U.S. State Department on Saturday issued the third consecutive report in which he denounced the violation of human rights produced as a result of "discrimination" language in Catalonia.

According to the text in this community are prevented from "receiving education in the country's majority language, which is Castilian Spanish.

However for the first time, the report includes criticism for unfavorable treatment in Catalan speakers. "There were cases of Catalan speakers who were concerned about the fact that Catalan is not favored" like the Spanish.

The document, as stated in El Mundo, referred to the situation in 2010, despite the above the emphasis is on two situations are discriminatory and ignored the Supreme Court judgments on language immersion, and the decree require the tripartite Catalan title C of university professors.

"On 22 December the Supreme Court ruled that the Castilian language used should be in the Catalan educational system. The decision dealt with three specific cases of Spanish-speaking parents, who denounced the Catalan educational system. " And openly criticized "both officers, the outgoing and incoming, who defended the current model and maintained that the decision would only affect three particular cases and does not need to change the language policy. "

It is also alleged that the decree would require the tripartite profsores new full-time public and private universities Catalan C level.


Castilian is the language most commonly used in Catalonia more than half of the population employed in private and in everyday life, while Catalan is consolidated within the institutions.

The United States of America once again show to be more sensitive to this issue, but why Europe is silent as a fox to the subject of discrimination and persecution?
Oh my god¡ Carlos, you are a catalan speaker? because i am (spanish speaker too), the point is that sometimes in Catalonia and Valencia, Mayorca etc, catalan-speakers discriminate spanish speakers more than viceversa. Spanish state has the spanish as the common language; and some people don´t understand that their ideology and claims aren´t shared by most of people, but these people were presented to the outside as martyrs when the reality is that they are dictators. ¿The universities in Catalonia should give all classes in catalan? ¿really? ¿And if anyone from the rest of Spain or spanish speaker want to go to the university in Catalonia doesn´t has the change to learn in the language of his own country?

"Castilian is the language most commonly used in Catalonia more than half of the population employed in private and in everyday life, while Catalan is consolidated within the institutions" then....¿? ¿Fear of losing or trying to impose?
Indeed Catalonia is the only place where you can not study in the common language of the country.

The reason is political and I think the nazionale Catalan regional language used as a political tool against the rest of Spain. The survival of regional languages ​​have their days numbered, even they are protected with money, perhaps the new era that is coming not need so many minor languages ​​and will gradually disappear, you can not constrict the people and force them to speak a minor language, when they have a national and international language, which is the problem facing many residents Castilian speakers in Catalonia, an issue that more awareness to the United States of America to Europe, perhaps more concerned with their surplus milk and yogurts.
Indeed Catalonia is the only place where you can not study in the common language of the country.

Actually all catalans are obligated to study castillian, like the rest of Spain, and they do better results than some other Castillian regions.
Currently in the Castilian Catalan education is a subject, as it can be English or another foreign language, other subjects are in Catalan, there is no public or private school where no one can take their children to study entirely in Castilian However, if schools can be done in German or French, is not abusurdo?

What is happening in Catalonia is visible and easily verifiable, we can not hide and deny it is very suspicious.

I have news as presumptively the Catalan regional government inspectors allegedly require presumably to schools for statistical results, not to forget that Spain remains a highly corrupt and certainly a region like Catalonia is not so.

Europe may not be aware that if you put a store in Catalonia and put signs in Castilian are fined by the Catalan government.
The Catalan Government has imposed 205 fines for establishments Catalan language in 2010 for breaking the Law of Linguistic Policy, which sets penalties for those establishments which do not label "at least in Catalan", worth more than EUR 182,000.

Fine of 1,200 euros to real estate in Castilian by label.

The Catalan Government supports the business decision that violates the Law of Linguistic Policy. And in Catalonia can also find shops with signs written only in Arabic or Chinese. At the moment did not have to change their labels.

Is not it ridiculous?, is a region of Spain where they fine you if kneecaps in Spanish, but Arabic or Chinese kneecaps, nothing happens.
Hi Carlitos,

As you know (but may be no?), Catalan students (speaking catalan or castilian at home), have the best results in the spanish language tests for the university entrance exams.

The immersive Catalan model has proven itself during 40 years.
We have to put ideologies aside and look at the results, no ?
This is an internal issue of the people living in Spain, the EU and especially the USA need to mind their own business

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