Romanians-descendants of Dacians?

I am not an expert at all. I have seen Romanians who were dark haired Italian looking and I have seen blond-haired Russian looking (broad face) Romanians. Being ignorant I always brought up about Count Dracula which amazingly they good humouredly discussed. Talk would centre about castles and so on.

The history of East Europe is mind boggling. So much happened that are not recorded. Generally I think there was a westward migration by the steppe people as Siberia is very harsh and the warmer European climate was a draw. The Turks probably expanded into vacated land so it appears they increased their territories but I don't see any evidence of warfare. They were mainly Indo-Europeans. So the Massagaetes ended up near the Black Sea as they moved westward from the Caspian Sea. That is what I think. Can't prove anything.
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I was reading up on the Sea Peoples. It was a world war in slow motion and could explain some of the population distribution in Europe and Middle East.

This site proposes a slow motion 'world war' of sorts in the Mediterranean between the Hatti Kingdom with its allies and the confederation of western Anatolian countries. The Mycenaean Greeks also play a part.

This one proposes a war between Minoan colonists in Spain versus the Bell Beakers and the Santorini Volcanic explosion. Very interesting.
On autosomal tests,average romanian have about 20%-25% western european admixture,20%-25% balto-uralic (eastern european admixture,on this site),20%-25% med admixture and rest west asian (caucasian) admixture.
Lol,for sure romanians are not descendants of only one population,they seem mixed from all kind of european populations.
Blonde haired people are quite rare,but blue eyes are not rare at all,depending on the area there are even areas where 30% of the people there got blue eyes.
There are areas where hazel eyes+blue eyes+very light brown eyes makes the majority.
I was thinking about the sea Peoples' World War. There were quite a lot of Danubian people involved and may have migrated to Sardinia like Hg I2 and G2. The interesting thing is that [FONT=&quot]the Ekwesh, Sheklesh and Shardana, were circumcised. Shardana supposed to be Sardinians.of Hg I2 and G2. Ekwesh and Sheklesh could be Canaanites.[/FONT]

Another thing [FONT=&quot]the Labu are characterized by a number of features when they are depicted in Egyptian reliefs, such as fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes.[/FONT] They could be Hg R1b as R1b were in the Levant 17,000 years ago and the Sahara was not a desert so the pastorialists occupied North Africa. After losing to Egypt they might have gone over to British Isles as there are Irish legends about the Irish coming from the Atlantic via Spain.
The other possibility is if you look at Eupedia Bronze Age migration you will see R1b expansion. Yes, as a map it is great but imagine if you were a journalist in that period. You would show coloured circles where there were attacks and the build up of refugees. This conquest of Central Europe took over 1,000 years so slowly community after community were being raided as the Celts did to Rome. The refugees had nowhere to go except towards the Mediterranean Sea. So the coastal areas were where the "Old Europe" refugees were fleeing to. Of course some escaped to the mountains. Most of the victims being Hg G2 and Hg E and some Hg I.

Now think how defeated countries could ever conquer and destroy powerful empires like the Hittites and the Mycenaean Greeks. Not likely until and unless they had fresh bodies i.e. more manpower in the form of refugees. Only desperate people would join armies for conquest. The "old Europe" refugees joined the smaller states that had grievances with the Hittites and the Mycennaean Greeks. There was a constant flow of refugees as the "Sea Peoples" occurred over a few hundred years.

There were two movements: The Central Asian Indo-Europeans were heading to Europe to escape Siberia and the conquest of Central Europe by R1b people. A massive build up of displaced people occurred by these two events and that would account for the Sea Peoples' longevity and the massive destruction. Of course, the Santorini volcano explosion and food shortage along with politics of the Mediterranean region between Hittites and western Anatolia, the Minoan colonists with the Spanish Bell Beakers all played a role as well as the Phoenicians in manipulating events. There were drawings of women and children in two-wheeled carts pulled by oxens following the sea people warriors. One can imagine they were refugees looking for a homeland after being expelled from Europe.


One can also imagine why the Hittites were hated. Look at the Indo-Aryans treatment of the Dravidians. The Indo-Aryans were on top while the Dravidians were almost like slaves. In India the Dravidians had only the Indian Ocean as an escape route and no help while the opponents of the Hatti and Hittites (Indo-Aryans) had the Black Sea inhabitants and the Danubians for support.

I believe the timing of the Indo-Aryans into India and the disappearance of the Hatti do coincide.

Otzi's violent death and the Sea Peoples show the violent takeover of Europe.
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One can see from the above maps that the Sea Peoples were mainly Hg E1b, I2 and G2 people who brought down the Hittites and attacked Egypt. These people now occupy the former Hittite lands especially Hg G2.. Sardinia has a lot of the displaced “old Europe” people Hg I2 and G2 and some E1b.

Total world population 4,000 years ago (Bronze Age) was around 7-10 million. A city of 1,000 people would be large so Troy at 1,000 was a large city in the Bronze Age.


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One can easily see the complexity of East European and Anatolian and Mid East history. The Sea Peoples were taking land around the Mediterranean as an escape route so they didn't attack the Assyrians and Babylon as they were too far inland and also they may not have enough manpower.

Here is the version of the Phoenicians and their part in the Sea Peoples invasions:

The Hittites were too close for comfort and the Phoenicians provided food to the western Anatolians and won their trust. The Phoenician cities were not touched. The Philistines were part of the Sea Peoples the Peleset. There were circumcised people among the Sea Peoples. They could be the Hebrews or Amorites. According to Discovery Channel the Egyptian pyramids did not use slaves. so the the Biblical accounts may be suspect.

Slaves Didn't Build Pyramids: Egypt

The tombs of ancient Egyptian pyramid builders suggest these artisans were respected -- and paid -- for their work.
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Labu people with tattoos. Possibly R1b

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