Save Egyptian Christians!


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Europeans are so proud of their tolerance towards other races and religions. It is time to put this tolerance on the backest of back burners. Our brothers in Christ suffer from Muslim violence all over the world. And one of the most odious places is Egypt. Recently Copt Christian community lost its spiritual leader. And now they have been exposed to abuses and massacres by so-called "Moslem Brothers". Copt religious leader's death is work of their hands. Those abominable monsters declared jihad against Egyptian Christian communities. Have you read articles by Abigail Hauslohner? In the centre of Cairo 27-year-old was attacked by crowd of Moslems just because he was a Christian. And such cases are all over Egypt. And "Moslem Brothers" won't stop until they would eliminate the dead last Christian in the country. Americans have begun this outrage. Now no one is responsible for atrocities and carnage that's going on in North Africa and Middle East. Bugger tolerance! Let's save our brothers from Islamic Hell!
I Agree with you Sunny .I was in Mosul in 2008 and Assyrian Christians are killed. On a regular bases. They predate the Muslims by hundreds of years. Sunny I will be glad when the oil runs out then maybe we will pop our heads out of our asses and do whats right. The thing I see is yes the west has removed dictators but for the most part under them The Christian populations were not being killed. Because they ruled with a Iron fist With the exception of Iraq's Kurds I think a lot of the Tolerance is brought on by the 1% who stand to gain at the destruction of all we hold dear. One thing they forget is when the bottom drops out all the gold on earth will not save 1% from 99%
Naturally, I condemn violence against Christian minorities in Egypt and elsewhere. I'm not certain what the proposal is here, though.
Sunny, what makes you think that Europeans are tolerant of other religions (or religion in itself) ? Most younger Europeans are non-religious, and an increasing minority (especially among the educated and the scientifically minded) is downright atheistic. I have personally no more sympathy for Christians than for Muslims. They are almost identical from an Atheist's point of view (if fruits represented the various kinds of human philosophical and religious beliefs, Islam and Christianity would be like mandarins and oranges).

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