Scotty with alzheimers

That is sad news, i dear friend of the family died of this disease, and its just awful. To see the slow diteration in them, is really painful
Man, that is sad. I've always been a fan of Star Trek and its sad to see that Scotty is falling apart. Must be a terrible thing, to have one's mind slowly stop working properly.
He has other things too, like Parkinson's, diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis, etc. Really sad to see someone like him go through the last days of his life like this.
Growing Old .....

can be a real rough road for some people!! I could write a book on the horrible things I have seen in my job the last 10 years. Not only are my patients suffering, but it takes a real toll on their family & loved ones to see them hurting!


Yeah! Alzheimer's is damned scary. On top of all the other ailments of old age, that may well be the worst of the lot. I wouldn't wish Alzheimer's on my worst enemy!
As a Star Trek fan I must say this is pretty sad...I loved his acting very much!!! :( *I know this ship like my backpocket captain !! * *bangs head * hehe that was hilarious!! :p
Yeah! But his most hilarious moment was in Star Trek 4 when Scotty, having to use a 20th century computer picks up the mouse and cheerily says, "Computer?" HA! That was a riot!

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