Stable population structure in Europe since the Iron Age

As usual, they don't know what they're talking about. The SSA percentages in NA are "at least" double in modern Egyptians, and often more. Look up the papers, and then tell them to look up the papers too, and READ them.
Interesting sample from this paper:
I thought he will be e-m123*
He ended in interesting branch

R1292 was uploaded to the ftdna discover same goes
for the roman period individual from croatia R3742
( who was probably near eastern trader / soldier/ administrator)
both of them under the e-z841 branch
ftdna well done (y)


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Why is J2b2 so scarce in South Albania and Northern Greece?

If J2b2 is to be connected to the actual Illyrian language and ethnos it needs a decent presence North of the Ancient Makedonians and Epirotes.

From what I’ve seen/read so far, even modern J2b2 in South Albania is from a more Northern origin and that of Greece is mostly from Arvanites (maybe Vlachs too, I don’t know).

If there’s no ancient J2b2 around Northern modern Greece then J2b2 is just an “Illyric”/North-Western Balkan haplogroup, not the actual early Illyrian that the Greeks encountered or the later Illyrii proprie dicti.

In that case, the so-called Northern Illyrians need another name, or to be simply called North Dalmatians, Pannonians, Liburnians, and so on.

We’re confusing people and even each other if we don’t first find a consensus on the Illyrian name.

We need to follow the example of the Italic people here, they’re all Italic but some are Latin, Oscan, Umbrian, Lucanian, while Etruscans and Messapians for instance lived also in Italy but we don’t call them Italic linguistically.

All of this J2b2-Illyrian and E-V13-Thracian is too simplistic and misleading.

J2b2 seems to be mostly associated with the tribes that participated in the Great Illyrian Revolt and got nearly annihilated by the Romans as well as resettled in other regions (like those in Dacia).

I also agree with this. Although I haven't followed all the updates up to now.

One theory , such as that of Matzinger as mentioned here before, holds that the Illyrians were from the East Alpine Block of Northern Italy.

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