The Art of Cooking


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Cooking for me is a passion, and and I endeavor to try new recipes.

Yesterday we had a very nice get together, with our families, and neighbors for a barbecue.

There was a lot of food, but I wanted to make something special.

Veal heart shish kabab

Remarkably, my two year-old loved it!

I bought Veal heart that was diced in about 5 large piece. First, I washed it under cold water and dried it with paper towel. I then cut out all of the membrane, and veins out, taking ways anything that wasn't just heart-meat. Then I washed it again, dried it. I then diced it into about an 1 inch, to an 1.5 inche squares/rectangles.

-I put them in a large Ziplock bag, and immersed the content with olive oil

-I added salt, and black-pepper

-4 diced garlic cloves

-Some white vinegar

-Squeezed a whole lemon into the bag

-Added some red wine

-Some thyme

-Some Rosemary

Then let it marinate in the Ziplock in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

I then put it on a metal shish kabab stick, and cooked it on the Barbecue for about 2-3 minutes for one each side ( about 6 minutes total)

It was really tasty! the meat was very soft and tender, and tasted delicious! I like cooking with lemon and vinegar because it essentially cures the meat, and partially cooks it in the bag.

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