Religion The Bible condones murder, rape and ignorance

It depends on what form of Christianity you speak, it is an umbrella term like Catholic, Quaker, Baptist and so on each disagree on what Jesus and the lord stand for. The English Civil war is a good example between Protestants and Catholics
I think the phrase "ignorance is bliss" was first coined by some Christian preacher.

Wisdom is a sin and God will punish you for it. So says the Bible.

Christianity condones murder, slavery and rape :

God is all love and compassion, except when He isn't :

You must have a look at these pictures. That says it all. ;)

This thread is really worth a read too.

With all do respect, this is Blasphemy my Catholic bible says nothing of the sorts; I assume this was curtosy of the English Civil war.
I can type in what I'm seeing if you'd like., I just want to avoid copy write infringement :)

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