The British Film Industry... what do you know?


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Hello everyone,

As an independent filmmaker from Turkey I've recently developed an interest for the British film industry, how ever my interest is only at the beginning stage. I am interested as to how big the industry really is and if films produced have more of a Hollywood-ish narrative structure or more of a European (Western European) narrative style and production? The reason why I am asking this question is because of England's unique cultural position between the European continent and North America so it makes me curious as to how this has reflected in to their film industry.
Another question I have is how well is the industry doing are the employment opportunities within the industry? Are people generally satisfied with their salaries considering the amount of work they're doing? Are the unions supportive enough for those working in the industry so they're not exploited? I am aware these questions are quite general in nature but I want to get a basic idea of how industry functions both financially and artistically.
I also realize there are plenty of sources and information online on these topics which I will check in to as well but regardless of that I would be happy to see what some of you have to say. Thank you.
I cannot help him too much, in Spain only there are projected movies of the north American cinema, but of English cinema I believe that there are a few movies of some Harry Potter, who is a child as well as with power, I have not seen any because I do not go to the cinema for years, also it is: The English patient, I loved that one, I have seen her to pieces, but the scene of the boy flying in the plane with his dear deceased behind crossing the deserts, it is something sublime, a myth for the cinema, of the rest of the movie I cannot say to him any more because I have not seen her.

Greetings and I him hope to have helped a little on the British cinematography.
My housemate is doing a Film degree here in the UK. He says that he experiences a lot of difficulties in finding a well-paid job in the industry... I personally think that it's a matter of a good CV, show-reel and interview skills.


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