The Gay Marriage Controversy

How do you feel about gay marriage?

  • I feel it is wrong and should be banned.

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  • I feel homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

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I have been married to my wife for 40 years now so I know what it takes to have an enduring marriage particularly between two headstrong partners :). Particularly if one of the partners snores (not me). My parents marriage only lasted 25 years because my mother died of cancer at the tender age of 51 of ovarian cancer.
I have been married to my wife for 40 years now so I know what it takes to have an enduring marriage particularly between two headstrong partners :). Particularly if one of the partners snores (not me). My parents marriage only lasted 25 years because my mother died of cancer at the tender age of 51 of ovarian cancer.

So...more things we have in sincerest condolences. To lose a mother, especially young, is one of the hardest things imaginable.

My mother also died young of cancer, a primary brain tumor, although not as young as that. She was 61. My father was ten years her senior, and as I said, died nine months almost to the day after she did. It was a hell of a two years. I sometimes think I still haven't recovered.

Also, are you familiar with the term capa tosta? In case you aren't, it's a term for Calabresi meaning hard headed, or tough, or stubborn. It absolutely applies; there's his way...and his way. :) I'm hot tempered on occasion, but I break like a wave against the cliffs when dealing with my dear husband. Yet...the heart wants what the heart wants, and it also sees the whole person, not just the faults. It's all been very much worth the compromises.

I don't envy anyone in the "dating game" nowadays, trying to find someone with the right values, the willingness to commit and make the compromises.

Btw, I'm also told I snore, but I think it's a calumny because he can find so few other faults in me and has to try and even the score. :)
I personally dont care about gay marriage.
But the gender thing is delusoonal
I don't have any issues WRT gay marriages. Nevertheless I do believe that people who are opposed to gay marriage due to religous reasons should have respect for their religous sensitivities.

Some while ago there was a legal and moral controvesy regarding a Christian baker in Northern Ireland who refused to make a cake for a gay couple's wedding. The baker was accused of homophobia and taken to court. Fortunately for the baker the court said that the baker was not obliged to make a cake.
For example the SNPs associated with homosexual behavior are also linked to promiscuous sexual behavior in everybody. And this is and was an advantage for many men to reproduce.


And then there are metabolic conditions like thyroid disease which are linked to homosexual behavior in men, or polycistic ovaries in women. Polycistic ovaries produce more testosterone and can lead to homosexual behavior in women. It is a widespread condition and present in up to 32% of normal women and 80% of lesbian identified women.

To get the actual European population disease free, you would have to do massive inbreeding projects, because the population is soaked with recessive disease causign alleles, that wont show up until you do line breeding. This is due to the fact that the European populations is heterozygote for many things, due to of constant mixing over thousands of years.

Another way would be genetic engineering/embrional selection but I think this would be too expensive. And don’t forget, with that you eliminate variants that may be diseases today, but could be the base for more advanced human life in the future. You could crash the whole society by eliminating psychopaths, who knows.

Yes pleiotropy makes genetic engineering problematic.
I feel homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples.
Don't care. Just please stop doing drag shows in children elementary schools
As a member of the LGBTQ community myself, I'm concerned that the rhetoric today which is opposed to the rights of human beings and their natural expression as they understand themselves. It is escalating to a dangerous degree. A lot of the anti-gay marriage stuff seems like it's being recycled against another minority today.

Queerness is uncommon enough to be innocuous, plus there's plenty enough queer people that are pansexual or bi, so it's not like any of the pearl-clutching from people who worry an uncomfortably large amount about birthrates will amount to any real logistical problem.

I was married for four years, with someone I had known for over a decade. It was a painful and abrupt end, but we both grew apart. In many ways it was always doomed. But we cared for each other, and I'll always remember the tender moments.
No problems with gay marriage here, although I'm puzzled by this urge to emulate institutionalised, bourgeois heterosexual relationships. But I can see the rationale behind it as it enables legal and perhaps financial security for each partner. After all, straight marriages are not all about love either and never have been. The still existing concept of marriage as practiced in the West is relatively young and combines romantic love with economic security. Many other cultures do not take the romantic aspect into account at all which is why in such cases marriage is simply arranged, often among closest relatives. At least in the West, where divorce rates are high, marriage is increasingly looked at as a dated concept of relationship and cohabitation. In other words, it is considered as a remnant of a more conservative cultural and economic baggage. If that is the case, why is it so important to gay couples? The kitsch associated with weddings seems to play a big role, too. But like I said, there is an economic rationale behind marriage and if it helps gay people to more legal security, I support it. However, things tend to cross the frame of the rational when they insist on adopting children. Now that is an imitation of heterosexual family life limiting on absurdity. I understand that it is better for a child to be raised by two caring gay parents than to grow up in an orphanage but I think it is important for a child's development to be raised by a father and a mother. Especially a mother cannot be replaced. But in the end, having a parent is better than none. I'm not against child adoption by homosexuals but merely curious as to why so many gay couples feel the need to emulate "traditional" families, yet insist on their difference in almost every other aspect of social life, always emphasising their minority lifestyle and status when it's associated with special attention (just like many women care more about the wedding spectacle than marriage) and perhaps privileges.

As for the current aggressive LGBTQ+ campaign, people should follow the money and not blame it on a gay lobby. The entire diversity issue is forced upon our societies by a globalised, yet still predominantly Western Capital. The old borders and barriers have long become obsolete and obstructive to its global profits and extraction capabilities. That is even more true for its anti-racism campaigns. They are not sincere but the result of pure calculation. The liberal classes associated with such aggressive policies are still infested with racists, yet they are pointing their fingers of accussation at the lower classes, also to prevent any discourse about social inequality and to shift it to matters of identity. Also noticeable is the reframing of words like social, especially in the US where it is more associated with identity issues than economic realities. All this "drag queens in kindergartens" stuff is aimed at shaping public discourse and diverting from more important issues that are common to all humans, of all races and sexual or gender identities. We are not to share what unites us. We're supposed to emphasise our differences until we start inventing separate identities for each of our body parts.

But most of this doesn't work in the Global South where most people don't have the time and luxury to think about these issues because they're busy surviving. Many who arrive in Europe or the West in general, bring their old beliefs with them, beliefs that are not compatible with what we find acceptable here. Most of the homophobia and mysoginy today is practically imported from Muslim countries. At least in Europe. Yet globalised, woke Capital, in its greed for more cheap and hopefully skilled labour (which it doesn't get with those migrants because their ultimate goal is to get into the welfare system and a good chunk are basically illiterate), keeps pushing for more mass immigration from parts of the world where gay people are hanged and stoned.

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