The Insane Complexities of The World Going Mad, Has the World Gone Mad?

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The Insane Complexities of The World Going Mad, Has the World Gone Mad?

Has the World gone mad? What is madness on a world scale? Is War the fever of our despair? Are bombs the waves of this impulse to rid ourselves of this disease of imagined or natural demise? Can the World survive itself and the festering hate inside, unknown and unconscious? Yet, alive living in its beliefs of the destruction of everything else? Are nuclear weapons our way of the devastation of our total self and everything else's, like the nazi and his pill in a tooth as a Cyanide Poison Capsule? The UFos of our earlier self had to save us from this weapon. They interveined or were present from every test and blast after we used it twice. They show an older world that we are wild and unaccountable for everything else's future at our leisure. Now threatened By Nutten-who of Is-Isreal-real honest group. Cyanide: Exposure, Decontamination, Treatment.​

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (.gov)

Cyanide is a rapidly acting, potentially deadly chemical that interferes with the body's ability to use oxygen. Cyanide can be a colorless gas or liquid, such as Radiation for nukes. Radiation sickness is damage to your body caused by a hefty dose of Radiation, often received over a short period (acute). The amount of Radiation absorbed by the body — the absorbed dose — determines how sick you'll be. Radiation sickness is also called acute radiation syndrome or radiation poisoning. Radiation sickness is damage to your body caused by a hefty dose of Radiation, often received over a short period (critical). The amount of Radiation absorbed by the body — the absorbed dose — determines how sick you'll be.
Radiation sickness is also called acute radiation syndrome or radiation poisoning. Radiation sickness is not caused by standard imaging tests that use low-dose Radiation, such as X-rays or C.T. scans.

TEN THINGS WRONG WITH AMERICA: 1. Fear of the future creates a disloyalty to babies and children. The IEA effect: The U.S. systems are Forced abortion is now eradicated. Drug laws are designed to strip rights while giving the okay to drug companies to rake in billions with medical meds. We think we know everything in our limited wonder. Israel Effect (I.E.) is a contagious, deadly disease of underivative hate to the weakest of humanity: babies and their survival possibilities. In our collected past, No battle in history was finished until all biological family members were dead, from the king down. The treatment of our children by everyone else is the highest priority for all men. Their collective rate of survival is all humanity. 2. Education is individual and directed. There is no average. Nor more than there is a petty girl, except as you decide it to be. You do not need to determine if there is a flower, yet you use it, smell it, and worship its beauty, smell, and billions of possible uses. The World of all our ancestors relied on father-to-son and mom-to-daughter education in what is needed, determined by the only Dad who will ever care for your successes even if it costs something. Dad to neighbor and neighbor to the city, state, etc. A fish does not ask a cow what to do. Education does not come from the top down. That is indoctrination, directional, and deadly at destroying all of humanity's future hopes under the surface of fear of being found out. We are being educated that a man is a woman and a woman a man, with glee and knives out. Look at the Arts for a field day of social abuse and groups to destroy actual laws and Religions for maximum abuse. The most significant drug ever discovered and available throughout the World, Pot was set up to kill the child, teens, families, and the future of humanity. 3. Remove every single drug law in the World and set all nonviolent War on drugs Criminals free. Pay them off and hope they can re-enter life without too much contempt for the groups that locked them up, wasting their lives, families, and creative visions. Most looked the other way while their lives and families were destroyed unless they were targeted. 4. I believe in a kingdom to come. It is our duty to our past and future selves to survive for everyone else through the excellent treatment of our children and those who have grown up into abusers. It is the fourth tier of humanity that is insane. The corporation that does not advance humankind. Strangles, abuses, and kills without thought to what they are doing while believing they know it all. Instead, it inverts upon itself its laws for the wealthy and powerful. It is time to pull down corporate insanity through a takeover. They are not alive and should not live outside as power forces on individual men. They have had their day. It's time to retire the crazy old white man's hate and contempt for everyone else. They have no limit. The yacht gets more extensive with no easement of their plans for others' destruction. We must build laws to restrain them and their wealth that belong to all of humanity. Monopoly is a game, not a lifestyle. 5. The Justice System is Insane. Have you seen what they, our JUSTICE department, with heavy-handed tactics, did to every other American citizen? All sentences and penalties must be vacated for Jan 6 public citizens. What have they done to allow the Jan 6th disturbance by hiding the tapes? Even from the prosecuted lawyers. In your names? Unexceptable. Are they breaking the laws, our rights, and constitutional promises.? We must redesign it, adding it to the trash heap from the bottom up. Like the nobbs and wires of the old electrical system, it must be redesigned by something with intelligence, not spite. I believe he is a witty, smart young punk with a new design in his mind. Justice is a simple scratch the itch where it is, not where they, the men in black, think it might be. That is religion- seek, and yet you shall find that medicine is not Justice. Medicine is medical and fixed. Nothing else will be acceptable. The future is limitless unless one has to carry a pile of shit with him that is designed for watching his every move, deed, and thought by a smartphone and thousands of other ways. Being unable to adjust the package even in public is looked over. Women can not safely uncross their legs without a camera taking a look, for everyone's sake, they yelled. Women can not play sports when they are not allowed to be little girls. Yuck, boys being little girls. One only independently needs to look at this as Sexual Identity Abuse. (SIA) 6. The system of statute of limitation needs to be limited to crimes against Businesses and up only. Raping a child, I am a multiple survivor of Catholic Priest Rape at nine years old. It has been a lifetime sentence. Therefore, the removal, put in place by child rapists themselves, of the statute of limitations for all crimes is unconsolable and unconstitutional and directed at the protection of a person that causes crime in the first place. It takes the right timing to tell anyone. After the stock market crash of 29, the federal government covered all losses up to a certain amount. Because it protected the corporations. It stopped the commoner's thoughts of the next collapse of the stock market only to have Trillions given to those who caused the 2006 collapse caused by, you guessed it, Wells Fargo and other bad players that were stealing all along. Wells Fargo stole the home I built for my own family. All laws must be directed at the corporation, not the individual people. Yet we live dollar to dollar, meal to meal, day to day. Some children still go to bed hungry, not able to understand why we, The people, give Billions to Insane causes Like Israel and its hatred of the children, moms, and dads, people of the rest of the World, or Ukraine, a Putin problem. The World needs to adopt a version of the Adjust Survivors Act. Yes, we came, saw, and listened to these survivors. Our lack of care or concern has filled the World with transexuals who openly say women need to get a grip. We will see about that down the road. Dads and brothers were art thou? A new course or an old course must be used. 7. Let's take care of our seniors who have stood tall even though all the government peccadillos, from the local lo-co branches of Hatered for the citizens with gun laws, fishing laws, and hunting laws., have destroyed individual rights as a takeover of freedom and dreams for their children and grandbabies threw buddying up with corporate controlled monopolies. Sales tax and corporate tax is all we need, say Local Libertarians. I agree. There are taxes on taxes on taxes. They do not want a handout but to help as they always have. Stop the torching of our surviving vets. Remove the entire rating system designed to publish all veterans by time. It would cost 50% less overall if they stopped the long lines of The rating abuse system. Yet they somehow missed Agent Orange, the firefight foam of the water systems. This change alone totals more than the cost of a national veteran health care system where all these would or could have been discovered, saving countless lives. A need for America's massive prison system is in direct proportion to our low-thriving mental health system and drugs being a War on people's natural rights. Look no further than local police and people rights violations. That is a mental health issue. They want a social worker, a young 90% female-dominated profession, to get between two people in a face-off of miss directional insanities. The police officer and an out-of-focus disabled vet or drug addict. Who should she handle first? The role of the street cop needs to go back to the beat cop. No more traffic stops. It is a social position, not a castration system. 8. A ragging lunatic on the road is not as important as a mother and her five children in the next car over. Stop this insanity. All police work is filled with opinion, not science or true law, but also opinion. People are the first, things are next, and the laws are last. In a high-speed chase over a tail light, you can kill people and damage cars while breaking the law. Only the people are important. The justice system is the icing on the cake to cover up the true substance of the mixed cake batter or local laws gone amuck. The icing on a badly made or designed hidden ingredient cake cooked too long is bad-tasting and thrown in the trash. The trash is the prison system. 9. No Child Left Behind was a simple magic form of misdirection. In contrast, the children were being rounded up by the thousands doing what is natural, experimentation of the sex with weed the better alternative than whisky. We imprisoned and made a much worse War on Pot until other drugs were developed more deadly for their insane War on Drugs By an Acholic Woman. The drug cop had to be important to someone, right? By doing so, teens got high. Not the drug empires striking back with Oxi codin' and fentanyl. Billionaire families now try to go bankrupt as drug dealers instead of paying for the 450,000 people they Killed. Yet, while our children are still jailed. 10. We need and possibly the only saving grace left to shore up the people's ability to own weapons. All weapons. Not more gun control, period. We need not fear each other. Reference drugs and drug actions. Those in charge kill 450.000 with no jail time. Your child has an old pipe and gets sent to jail. This assault on your right to own the gun of your choice is a misdirection similar to The War ON Drugs. May Peace be with you without having to take up your do-do shoot. unless you like it that way. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: Photo of The First Rock Center Tree |

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