History The Origin of Haplogroup J in relation to the development of early Civilizations

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The indigenous people of the MiddleEast are Brown Caucasoids, the originators of AfroAsiatic and Semitic languages. There were also some indigenous hunter gatherer groups that had fair skin and light hair but they were a small minority. The Brown Caucasoids of the MiddleEast (Before J migrations) would have generally been darker than the population there today, the ones from the Caucuses had fair skin with black hair/brown eyes and some had blue eyes.

Untanned, the people of Sumeria obviously had fair skin.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumer Type "Caucuses" on here. Many people think wiki isn't a reliable source but it is if it has a citation.


The J1 Horde were generally taller and stronger men, pastoralists who migrated along side semi nomadic Neolithic communities. Only in Sumer would they have brought many of their women. J1 men became genetically dominant due to being taller and stronger, fair skin and they ended up being with many dark Caucasoid women. The ancient MiddleEast would have had more fair skin people than it did today % wise. Long periods of natural selection shifting between Dark Caucasoids and Fair Caucasoids, the disparity of males/females along with the indigenous MiddleEastern population being higher meant the J men couldn't remain biologically dominant for long. The evacuation of many regions occurred as the E men fled into North Africa, creating the modern black race breeding black pygmy women. It was very humiliating for the Haplogroup E men (not all, only some) their women in mass gave themselves to the new men and they had to settle for a race of black midgets.

https://hamiticunion.proboards.com/thread/4/hamitic-origin-haplogroup There is mounting evidence for this, they spread biological genes.

PF4872, not wanting to take part in obsessive brown Caucasoid fetishism decided to migrate towards Europe and they were in Europe since the Bronze age. I know this is a crude way to describe it but I think it played a small yet unimportant roll in why some J's decided Europe was a better place.


On YFull, all the lineages under L858 have Ancient samples in the Middle East and L858 came from the European side of Turkey (I consider Turkey to be European since it was culturally closer before Islamization) The oldest J-L829 now is from Rome, I am convinced they were one of the Greek Sea peoples who went with the Greek Trojans to Rome and founded Alba Longa, after the civil war the population relocated to Rome.

According to a 4000 year-old inscription by Sumerian Lu-dingir-Ra:
"We migrated to where we are living now thousands of years ago, but they were unable to write down from where because they did not know how to write then. Later on inquisitive scribes and archivists in the royal palace studied the orally transmitted information in an attempt to find out about the past. Our people came to this land from a mountainous country to the northeast. But it is also said that some of them had come via sea from a land called Dilmun in the east. And the reason behind this migration is said to be the onset of an unexplained drought in their warm and rainy country.
Great Enlil had some of us 'darkheads' settle here.... According to rumours and the results of my research as to why we have called ourselves 'darkheads' I found out that before our forefathers migrated here, blonde haired and blue eyed people were living next to their country. I cannot visualize a person with blonde hair and blue eyes. And I don't think it would be nice. I have not seen any person like that in my country".
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https://archive.ph/oEbkQ#selection-463.374-463.383 They even removed this article so it is on another site now. I disagree with it, implies the Arab sublineage are the originators of the AfroAsiatic languages and the Arabs were also Sumerians.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Pottery_Neolithic_B#Genetics Haplogroup J1 did not originate any semitic language, they were all language isolates in the Caucuses, this culture also had T and H men, obviously the formulation of both these languages had something to do with them.
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/F9MQmTfXoAAcQME?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 Partially wrong, the cultural Marxist lies of the inferiority complex with "Cheddar man" , WHG were mostly dark but some had intermediate tones.

Of course, the original white men, the J supremacy of the Caucuses mountains blasted out of the Caucasian mountains, breeding so many swarthy Caucasoid women in the middle east, their gene spread faster than HIV and AIDs. Tall, strong, fair skinned White men with dark hair and dark eyes, some with blue eyes, breeding the sexually frustrated brown Caucasoid MENA women. Modern insecure hyper possessive self entitled MENA beta males can cope getting some brainwashed white trash girls, back in these times, when society had far less brainwashing influences, women acted on genuine desires more freely. Much like many modern pajeet women. (obviously India has less brainwashing influences than Western Civilization but much more than pre-history civilizations).

The harsh reality for white trash girls is they can't justify their brainwashed "preference" since none of their male ancestors, even ancient ones ever resembled a common South Asian man, even among Haplogroup I sublineages, most of the men had fair skin, the WHG were mostly exterminated and those who assimilated had descended lineages of fair skinned men. Of course Pajeet women can justify it, if their fathers are J or R they descend from fair Caucasoid men breeding moderately mixed and highly mixed brown vagina, they will have stronger, better looking, more racially pure offspring. They aren't degrading themselves with the lineages of inferior men who created a self entitled unsophisticated clown culture.

Imagine you are sitting in a village eatery and the ground shakes, you go outside the village and it's a horde of fair skinned Caucasoid men sprinting at your community with their cows speaking gibberish. They enter your community, every single man is killed head hunting, every single woman is raped. I am not implying this was a common accordance but it did happen, in regions with more peaceful relations the Brown Caucasoid women gave themselves to the J men.

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