The subversion of the allies of the West and anti-civilization


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As the West has become more anti-Western(even if it's masquerade as "not being a nationalist") the alliances of Western countries have changed in a curious totally fortuit way(🙄)

For example, Pakistan, a country with undoubtedly more Caucasian heritage that was the best ally of the UK during WW2 has become the boogeyman of the region.
When anti-British India and Bengal(Bangladesh) have been enormously favoured by the statu quo.

Sudan(now North Sudan) was considered to be more civilized than their southern neighbour(because of the Arab heritage). The British said of South Sudan in 1895/6 "it isn't prepared for modernity".
Nowadays "we" favour the 2nd over the 1st.

Turkey and Iran... The most similar countries in the Muslim world to Europe have become boogeymen TO US for some reason.

This isn't casual, it's the obvious consequence of the West(led by the US) abandoning civilization for the anarchy of absolute freedom and deconstruction.
Under their "rule", everything has to be ridiculously liberal and anti-State. And as a result, more civilized countries are being ditched in favor of other less so.

Haven't you seen the rampant "racism" that has been subjected to Muslims and Russians, while Latinos and particularly blacks, run freely?
You may disagree with the way Russians and Muslims enforce rules, but America basically promotes no rules at all...

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