Timeline of Human ethnogenesis


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I'm going to interpret these dates https://www.yfull.com/tree/CT/ and what they imply

Some 68500 years ago a man was born (haplogroup CT).
Even though, it says that CT appeared in a man born 20000 YEARS EARLIER!,
The truth of the matter is that only this descendant left children.

What happened 88000 years ago, should be seen as the moment when his ancestor branched off from his brother (hp B), rather than when CT was born.

Remember, hp B is the haplogroup that could be considered as "indigenous" to (sub-Saharan) Africa.
And CT expands 20 millenia later!!!!!
This is part of the reasons why believing that humanity began in Africa is, not only an arbitrary dogma, but most likely, also an erroneous claim as we will sed later.

After CT was born in 68500, he had 2 close descendants he possibly saw growing up, hps CF and DE (this is through of the yfull dates from the link).
And by 65000 years ago THEY 2 HAD SEPARATED INTO 4: haplogroups C,D,E and F.

They must have HAD significant SUCCESS against the other races and species of humanoids, because today they all are majorities in at least one country, in fact, THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT REMAIN in those positions.

One thing to note about this is that C and F came to existance first (65900 years ago), with D and E branching centuries later (65200 ya).
Notice the later are SMALLER in size and RANGE today. But they managed to secure territory and offspring in the end, particularly in the fringes of Eurasia.

Which leads me to think that the BIGGER CF was Eurasian.

After these events 65000 years ago, we know NOTHING about the populations that supported these 4.
We know that haplogroup E has its TMRCA (time of most recent common ancestor) 52000 years ago, so it's likely he had MOVED to Africa by this time.
I said "moved", since it's been 36000 years since 1 of his ancestors was brother with another African (hp B), and lineages way closer to him that B, are found today all around the world and their carriers display very distinct ethnic and morphologichal characteristhics (Caucasoids and Mongoloids).

Even though not native to Africa, it's possible that DE was already 'black' since a point between the period 65200-68500.
Since the trail from Africa until D's home in Japan, is full of dark-skinned peoples along the Indopacific region (negrito, aborigenes, andamanese, papuans)
Indeed ALL Asians and N. Africans today have varying degrees of admixture with these tribes, we know it from the skin color.

But the juice starts at 48800 BP
At this date both F expands MASSIVELY.
Even though all the previous expansions have wrestled their way for territory and population dominance, they had eventually failed in COMPLETELY replacing Neandertals and Denisovans, and substituting them for themselves, full blooded HOMO SAPIENS.
These 1 succeeded.

Their expansion and further ramification of F haplogroup over some 4000 to 6000 years, created a sequence of events that wiped out the other hominids, and created all the major haplogroups we see today (G, H, K2a, K2b, J and I).

Most likely we have so many surviving haplogroups from that era because is when the World was  emptied of competition.

The first thing that strikes my attention here is that C expanded SIMULTANEOUSLY to F, 17000 YEARS AFTER THEY BRANCHED FROM ONE ANOTHER!!! And yfull gives us the same date for their TMRCA.

Finally I'll say that 47000 years ago C branched into C2 (Asia) and C1 (the fringes of Asia: Japan, Australia and eventually into Europe).

While D would expand over C some 1000-2000 years later. To be then expelled "back" into their present "habitats" of Tibet and Japan.
How do I know the dates? It's when the Japanese and Tibetan branches of D bifurcated.

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