To any Brits here . . . regarding a London radio program


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Every Tuesday night in Los Angeles, Talk Radio KABC has a "simul-cast" with a radio station in London that airs a "Talk Sports" program (but it's not really about sports at all). The host from each station become co-hosts and discuss topics that affect both the U.S. and UK. Does anyone know about this radio program?

The host of the London station is a chap named Mike Mendoza. He has a perfect British accent. Several weeks ago, he mentioned something to the effect that Great Britain is no longer great because of all the foreigners who are living there. I wanted so much to call in and ask him "and just what kind of a proper British name is Mendoza?" but I could not get through. I e-mailed instead but never got a response.

Just imagine if a Japanese radio host had said the same thing about Japan . . . it would be all over this forum. Sukunakutemo.
And there you go ..!

Sounds to me that Mr Mendoza is one of the many reasons why all the best Brits .. the good looking, talented ones, full of charm and appeal .... :blush:

...are like me ..... somewhere else ... !

Rule Britannia (?)

That was one of the thing I noticed in Britain too!! there is a very public backlash against immigrants there. weird.
And on the topic of Radios,,, here is absolutely the smashingest song I've heard on the Radio in Europe (Germany)

When your capital city drops below 50% native-born citizens, it tends to make the natives a bit grouchy. I lived in London for ten years. The change I witnessed in that period of time was incredible, and not any of it change for the better -- and I myself am an immigrant to the UK.

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