Travel Europe in summer

A bit hard to get inside, but it's nice once you are there. (I mean... the car, of course. What did you think?)

(Don't feel shocked. Just a cheap sample of Gallic humor!)

What a twisted joke. This is very offensive against women.

Naahh, just kidding. Gallic humour indeed :)
For me there's something about a man driving a Lamborghini, more than any other sports car. I don't know what it is.

Keeping with the theme of cars, this series was brought to my attention: Francesco da Mosto: Italy Top to Toe. He tours it driving an Alfa Romeo Spider: it must be nice to have been born rich.:)

Speaking of car trips, here's a fun video: Around Italy With Conan and Jordan Schlansky. They're a comic duo. Jordan is always the autistic like pedant. I don't know how real it is; I would bet some of it is real, but exaggerated for comic effect. He breaks character about half way through; I think the "noises" got him. :)

I've posted so much of places to go in Italy, here's just a few:

Cinque Terre:


This is my thread on visiting Tuscany:

The Amalfi Coast:
This is a view from above:

This is a whole thread on it:

I've often said I'd like to wait for my end in the gardens of Ravello.

Portofino and Capri would do as well. :)

Those are probably my favorites after the typical Rome, Florence, Venice.

If you like hiking:

Maybe the more difficult it is, the more you appreciate it? :)
Maybe the more difficult it is, the more you appreciate it? :)

Indeed. It takes some skill to handle such "racers". But personally, I've never felt much worried at the idea of ending up in a tight spot. ;)

The Al Andalus Train is a tourist train that runs through the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in Spain. The train was inaugurated in 1983 by RENFE under the name of Al-Andalus Express, forming part of the most luxurious trains in the world since its inception.






If you want to have more historical tour, then I can recommend to visit Krakow, Berlin, Prague. Those cities are great to visit in Summer. And try local cuisine, it's awesome!

I'm actually going to Berlin, and London, next month.
Rhodes, Greece


Sea shore





Rhodes and in reality all the Greek Islands are renowned for being a marvelous European summer objective!

You can either join the mainstream nightlife or simply hang out at the sea shore the entire day and hit the hay to rehash it the following day.

In any case, don't pass up the food, you would think twice about it!

Ensure you escape the city also. The island has a lot of various corners to investigate. In this way, get a bicycle, bike or lease a vehicle and hit the street.
Make sure you visit Venice. That is an absolute must-have point on the travelling route. Especially in summer :)
I recommend Greece, a beautiful country and the German city of Munich.
Hi there! Welcome to the forum! I hope you're excited about your trip to Europe this summer!

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