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I'm going to Greece next week for 10 days, I love to travel but I have never been to Europe before. I'm going to Athens, Heraklion, Kusadasi, Patmos and Rhodes. Any one been to any of these places and have stories, tips, or whatever? I would love to get a opinion of someone who has actually been because i don't know anyone who has.

I suppose you are aware that Kusadasi is in Turkey, not Greece. If you arr going to go to Turkey too, I recommend Bodrum (the ancient Halicarnasos). It is the most beautiful beach resort in Turkey, with Greek-style white houses, and is conveniently reached from Rhodes too.
yes i did realise kusadasi is in turkey, i just forgot to mention

dutch baka thank you for the link ^-^ the web site is very nice, its helped with little things i was wondering about
must see places in greece...

islands: rhodes, mykonos, zakynthos,crete,santorini, paros,ios,thasos,kos,corfu,kefalonia,skopelos, skiathos, ikaria,evoia...

mainland: kastoria,chalkidiki,parga,nafplio,kavala,meteora,pelio,joannina, athens,thessaloniki,patra,delphi,(ancient)vergina,(ancient)pella,messolongi,naoussa,xanthi....

hope that helps...
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Athens is an old and beautiful city of Greece. It has rich history, a number of beautiful archaeological museums, concert halls and theatres. To attract its visitors it has wonderful beaches like Glyfada, Nea Makri, Lagonisi, Varkiza and Alimos, amazing nightlife; bazaars and shopping malls. You must go up to the Lycavitos hill to watch wonderful views. [/FONT]
I've been to some of these places. Make sure you swim a lot and also go outside the "tourist" areas if you want to meet locals and experience the life there. For instance, Athens is a lot more than the Parthenon and Monastiraki. Try to find about music festivals, exhibitions etc there, there are plenty.
The foreign country that I've visited the most.

6 times in Athina (and in one of this times I visted Corinto and Delfi too. I actually used to stay in Voula and Glyfadha.), 1 time in Rodos.

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