Traveling to Ireland & Scotland

Ireland !!! Awesome place to spend your holiday. you can find the real History and culture of Ireland in Donegal. If you want to spend the holidays near by Beach then visitinishowen it's one of the beautiful peninsula in Donegal
i have been very excited to visit scotland after reaching this post
Stirling’s history is probably one of the most famous in the world, especially since the major motion picture ‘Braveheart’, starring Mel Gibson, was released.
Guys, I think all of you have huge information about travelling. I want to visit Scotland and Ireland in the next month. But I have no information about them. Will anybody like to share some pictures of the both destinations with me? I need some suggestions about popular places so that I make my plan for visiting it. Waiting for cool replies.
Ameelia and Crosby, Both of you guys have shared very nice views here. I must say that all of you have huge information about the Traveling. I am also a traveler and love to organize tours to different places. I will like to participate in this discussion.
Ireland is very popular destination among the visitors. Once i heard that A Millions of people came here annually for spend there vacations. I also have been there visited and had great time with it. I think you also should go there as soon as possible.
Ireland is no doubt a very nice place to visit with specials, I am glad that you liked our shared information. Here I am going to say that you should go there at once without wasting your time. Here is one suggestion in my mind that don't forget to take your camera with you while the tour.
Well guys! Ireland is a very beautiful island. Ireland's attractions are so amazing. Here I am going to share some destination names like Blarney Castle, Blarney Castle and Blarney Stone. These are nice places in Ireland. If you will visit there then must try these places.
Glasgow is a great city. I have spent over a year there in my teens and even now it's not as flawed as the biggest EU cities. Enjoy!
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