Travelling with the great kalka travel agency in India


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I wrote a trip advisor review as well, but I don’t mind writing here too about Nekraj. He was AMAZING. He did not ask us for any extra taxes or parking or anything. He was wonderful with the kids. He actually bought the kids ice cream one day and he bought sweets in Agra that are from that area for us to try. He showed us great restaurants, he was ALWAYS on time, he brought us everywhere we wanted to go. If I had a friend travel to India, I would recommend your services and tell them to request for Nekraj. He was completely professional and polite and was an excellent driver on the crazy streets in India. He gave us local tips in each area and told us how much we should give for certain things. He was absolutely fantastic. There is nothing about Nekraj I would ask to change. He did everything perfectly. He was wonderful to our whole family. I cannot say enough good things about him. Kalka Travels is highly recommended for travel in India. For more you can visit: www carrentaldelhi com

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