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I've noticed an issue which concerns me regarding Eupedia's forum pages. When I view the website without logging in, the featured posts are different than when I do log in.

For example, my log in page shows "Ban the Burka" (in which I left a comment) in the European News and Hot Topics section, but my non-log in page shows "Northern European Union" and the latest contributor is someone other than myself.

Also on the same page in which I'm logged in... it shows an article in Anthropology and Ethnography titled "Lightest Country in Southern Europe" (I've also left a comment in this section), but when I'm no longer logged in, this topic totally disappears. Other sections are featured, none of which I've made a recent comment in.

Is this due to the sub-par content of my contributions? I'm at a loss to explain this.

Please delete this question if there is a reasonable answer to these differences between logged-in and non logged-in pages.
Hm, no response.

I wonder if it's my controversial observations on haplogroups coupled with the veracity of my debate? Maybe I should allow someone else to win an argument every once and awhile.

Nah, who am I kidding. I will continue to lop off the head of any challenger (metaphorically speaking of course) to my robust theories.

I don't feel the price for skillful wordsmithing should be censorship, even if my positions often challenge the bedrock of majority group-think.

But it's not my website, so it's looking like my vote doesn't get registered.
I observed the same difference bettween logging-out and in, actually for some time already. But it does not seem to happen always. Another thing is that each time I visit my profile there appear javascript snippets on top.
nordicquarreler;410591 Is this due to the sub-par content of my contributions? I'm at a loss to explain this.[/QUOTE said:
LOL..N.Q. it has nothing to do with the content of posts. I believe it is merely a feature of the forum. Visitors to the forum may view a number of topics but members view more.
I have the same log-in ..log-out view as you and I imagine all members, stop worrying.

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