Ultama Quest: Invasion of Manchuria


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im here with an intrest to find out what ppl think of this lost invasion. im not jap or chinese but i want to understand what diffrent nationalites think of this issue. dont think of me as a smallfry. i have lots of replies and have come with a considerable of knowlege from various forums. my questions and statements are partialy based on the opions of what others think.

the question i want to ask is Do you feel any sympathy for what your ansestors have done in china during WW2?
i want to know what you feel and what you think others think of this brutal massacare.

many say that the japanese have done something horibaly wrong and they didnt give a formal apology for what has happened like the germans.

for some reason they have such a strong hate agianst you because of various factors. even though the germans killed 6 million jews in concentration camps, the japanese massacred 10 million chinese civilans. they talked about the raping that occured and some ppl show enough hate that they would cross such limits as attack japan.

i have tried to calm things down. i have posted in many forums about letting the past go. i ask them is it humane to blame a person of a crime he did not commit but what thier ansestors did. but it may not even be thier ansestors at all.

untill i assmbel the info needed i will giv the forum names and giv urls.
Please do not use the word "jap". It?fs offensive.
yeah i think its offensive. but you gotta know the newer generations of teenagers are using slang all the time. for example j-pop. and some of us dont even use proper gammer, example right here. no capitalization. im constantly seeing the use of jap in many forums.

and it also depends on how we define jap. interpet it.

but yeah no offence
A Brief History of Manchuria

Not one genuine response in more than two months is surprising eventhough they raised objections about being refered to by the word j**, and joking around with the word ch***. I might as well call myself gook just to keep it balanced ! :D

Well, Korea advanced into Manchuria in 670; Shilla with the remnants of Kokuryo to ward off the Tang and Mohe forces out of Kokuryo territories. To be technical, it was "invasion" regarding Shilla, "liberate" regarding Kokuryo, and "reclaim" in retrospect. But it was the Kokuryo captive forces in Tang China lead by ???N?? that genuinely reclaimed Manchuria for themselves and established the kindgom of Balhae in 698.

The Kithan dispersed Beijing residents around in Manchuria in the 12th centiry; and the Manchus brought "them" back; the Manchus, Chosons, Mongols, and ethnic Hans from both Manchuria, Shandong, and as far south as the Yanzi revion to fill Beijing, so it is only natural that Beijing became an ethnically complex region; but even in ancient times, Manchuria was multiethnic so to speak.

In the late Qing dynasty, west Manchuria was controlled by the Qing, while east Manchuria was controlled by Choson. Japan really had no legitimate business there to begin with: Japan's move into Manchuria was purely "invasion," and NOT "advancing" as the revisionist textbooks claim.

It was during the great colonial period of the late 1800's that Russia, western European nations, the US, and Japan started invading Manchuria for the aquisition of raw materials such as lumber, coal, minerals, sable fur, farmland, and trade. Hence Japan was not alone in its colonialist expansion into Manchuria, but the incident of 1931 was notable in that Japan seized it to the exclusion of Qing China, Choson Korea, and all non-Japanese colonial powers.
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copying others does not excuse a slur.

I think you might have scared him off, lexico... I think his "considerable of knowlege from various forums" didn't prepare him for a historically accurate response. I would love to see his sources though, and punch his english teacher in the nose.
I get this strange feeling that I've met this guy somewhere; Bounty Hunter !
I notice the quality of a wunderkind, only minding his singular point while ignoring ettiquette or subtlty unto a kind of apathy.

I should say his has gotten more eloquent, while he has picked up some netspeak--netspell to be more precise. And as with many wunderkinds, he finds it too below him to look back and revise; such must be the way of the talented, gifted thinker.

Stripping away the facade of roughness and bad spelling, I do find redeeping qualities in him. Ultama Quest: what an orginal title ! Heh, who knows if this is the way of the future to speak-n-spell English !

But you are right; being spontaneous and genuine has nothing to do with being outright rude. And the excuse could have been more friendly ! :blush:

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