Uruk and the Emergence of Civilization-Patrick Wyman

One question: is it necessary to separate the history of Sumer from the "Uruk’s expansion"? Let's take a retrospective look at the events connected with this history... Most likely, the Yamnaya culture was initiated by this mysterious expansion. There we see the merger of the R1b and J2 genetic communities. The influence of the latter extended to Khvalynsk starting from 4000 BC. Klyosov (uffff) claims that the formation of Sumer was initiated by the so-called "Erbins", R1b. But, maybe it all started with the cultural expansion of the J2 community from a certain center "X"? Who organized the "civilization of the Uruks." R1b pastoral nomads did not invent metallurgy, which is confusing in Klyosov's theory of their "expansive beginning". The invention of metallurgy (from which the cultural expansion of metal traders begins) is associated with mountains and forests, which are needed to obtain copper from ore. For example, the Taurus Mountains (Cilicia, Mersin and Tarsus 5200 BC!) and Magan. If this is the case, then the source of the «Uruk’s expansion» associated with J2 and the wooded mountains containing copper ore should be looked for.

Well, the powerful «Uruk’s expansion» could not begin simply from the reed swamps of Sumer !!!
Great topic!!! It is not clear why no one is discussing. After all, there are many mysteries there ... For example, Ur of the Chaldees is apparently not a biblical anachronism, but evidence of the Khalibs / Chaldees from Anatolia, Mount Taurus ... Where metallurgy was born back in 5200 BC. in the vicinity of Mersin (Tarsus district). Around this time, Eridu, the city of Enki / EA / Oannes, was born ... But, before 4000 BC. It's still Ubaid time! And the expansion of Uruk, about which no one really writes anything, mysteriously precedes the appearance of the mysterious Sumerians. The expansion of Uruk is associated with the appearance of Maykop and the formation of the Indo-European (IE) community in the steppes between the Caspian and the Black Seas. The expansion of Uruk is also associated with the decline of the Balkan Metallurgical Province. At this time, camels and donkeys appear in the Balkans! So who are they, the "people of Uruk"??

The mystery of the haplogroup R1b (“Erbins”), whose carriers founded a community in the steppes of IE, has long been discussed in the literature. And long before its formation, back in 4000 BC, the Erbins marched along the coast of Africa, and penetrated into Europe through Gibraltar, leaving behind pre-dynastic Egypt, traces in Kenya (R1b-V88) and the Iberians of Spain. Indeed, we were faced with an ethnos that had incredible organizing power. But where did they come from? All this rests on the mystery of the unknown civilization of Asia Minor, which began to conquer the Old World even before the IE expansion. Yes, and the IE expansion itself is also obliged to the carriers of the haplogroup R1b!

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Nevertheless, the fundamental question is what initiated the Uruk's Expansion, which was followed by the Yamnaya Culture and the so-called Indo-European migrations... I think the IE problem itself has no solution without understanding the essence of the Uruk Expansion!

At the moment, this is the weakest point in understanding the History of the Ancient World.

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