usE and the european federalism


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many questions but few necessary for now!

1. is it possible EU ever to become federal?

2. when and how federalism would become imminent need?

3. how will be as such imposed on the national states?

I have one argument that shouts united states of europe are on their way its called globalism in which scenario usA and usE should be on same level so they can merge in one global western superstate, the euroatlantic dream probably of teutons and julians together!?
one sure step toward federalization would be fiscal centralization, which eventually any post-covid eu recession would be logical one, if the union tend to stay compact, there is another possible alternative to this what recently Macron proposed as concept for three europes like western federal central-southern unionistic and eastern eruopean affiliate as way for gradual step till full federalization, which altho sounds as good proposal actually is more than wrong if we have in mind that such move could concentrate the wealth more in the western members and less in others what eventually will lead again to turbulent financial market if we know that whole banking system in nowadays eu is linked as system of communicated vessels, on top of that there is the risk of derivatives but also monetary stability etc ...

here are few earlier texts that are giving glimpse how things were observed on this topic not too long ago ...
this last link is little to big too be swallowed as logical but gives point to the next step after the eu federalization as usE which eventually will lead to merging later with usA, something that on backdoor was in motion as bancorp TTIP treaty between eu and usA but which was dismissed by Trump ...

in other hand is quite stranfe how catchy is as side note to some eu-federalistic statements like >

2017 - Martin Schulz - "Any state that won’t ratify this treaty will automatically leave the EU" [1]

2019 - Daniel Hannon - "Can anyone look at the people who will be running the EU for the next five years and then try to claim that the high tide of federalism has passed?" [2]

2020 - George Calhun - "
In 2020, the Coronabonds proposal, in some form, may finally prompt the development of a “Federalist” foundation for a common economic policy. Eventually, this should help facilitate the emergence of a fiscal authority with EU-wide powers, and with that, a more perfect (European) Union." [3]

[FONT=&quot]2020 - That cannot last for too long and there have already been many initiatives in the Eurozone to solve this problem, like establishing the European Monetary Fund (EMF), which is almost a certainty with Christine Lagarde now at the helm of the European Central Bank. [4]

2020 - [/FONT]
The EU should be a support, not a substitute for the member states. And the strongest in the EU should not use the EU institutions and law to subordinate smaller states. Centralisation and federalisation of the EU system enhance the asymmetry of interests between the largest and smaller states. Therefore, Poland should oppose the federalisation tendencies, both in the fiscal sphere, for example by blocking the establishment of EU taxes, as well as legal federalism by defending the prioritised legitimacy of the national constitution over CJEU rulings. [5]

[FONT=Roboto Condensed, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]now, I think all this euroskepticism is less potent as written, but I cannot find adequate documentary hich can examine deeply the current trends and later scearious, tho there are many based on speculative fears or centralization mocking like the famous piece from Farage in middle of eup the Chicked Run spectacle as respons for the backdoor eu constitution pushed through the treaty of Lisbon [/FONT]

the current trend is that we are going from fiat to digital currencies, and from free market to more regulated, but all this is just part of more bigger agenda which for now could be seen clearly would it end in western-nwo or would un-new world order what would mean centralization and monoculturalism ahead, something eg. that already happened in China , and this in the end is just good fable for naive euroskeptics or naive eurotrancersm simple such huge system will collapse by its own weight coz it would be totaliratian if wants to hold its tissue compact, simply in world where causality rilz as horizontal vibe and diversity as synergic glue its unimaginable all to be governed by few, whoever or whatever they were, tho from time to time there are relative examples of such uniform globalistic strive, and for sure as agenda was evolving from the enlightenment era onward, but as such was always reseted by some invisible hand!

what to say we are now on new level of experimenting in which some visible hands are trying to impose their globalistic reset eg. d'royal'family says reset is imminent [1] imf says reset [1] and FF or many others were ringing this message quite a while [2][2][2] now all this as usual should go on economic level and till after will follow on political, altho it would be not at all strange if it will be rolled out in parallel, it will depend how the next recession will be pulled as tempered spinn so every nation freewillingly to accept federalization mids europe!?

ledger ledger where are U headed to!? are we ready for this kind of unity!? who will have the chance to escape if he is not in line with majority and their politics governance or ideals? I would really recommend this radio interview with AlexG about the next wave of financial change but as such real Panopticon Treat to Democracy Freedom Privacy of any Citizen which will be hooked to it!


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