Venice in Winter


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This youtuber is a bit too self-consciously sensual (I've seen all I need to see of her taut, tanned midriff :)). However, she's a damn good videographer.

This is one of the most beautiful videos of Venice I've ever seen. Part of the reason I am so drawn to it may be that I too, like Kylie Flavell, discovered Venezia alone. My friends wanted to go to Vienna and then Venezia, but I chose to go on ahead. Being alone made a difference somehow, as if Venezia was my own fever dream of a city. All the hotels being booked, I wound up staying in a convent on the isle of Giudecca; it was one of the most fortuitous things that ever happened to me.

To quote from the video's quote of a travel writer, I felt the "gentle nudge of recognition", not shock at its beauty, or at least not mainly shock at its beauty. Despite being partly descended from the people of Venezia's great rival, Genova, I felt this inexorable pull toward the city, not mostly in the great spaces like St. Mark's square, but in the little, often deserted squares only Venetians frequent, or in the narrow, shadowed alleys, and especially in the quiet dreaminess of Giudecca, as if in another lifetime I had fallen asleep to that gentle lapping of the waves, or as if some ancestor had lived there and awoken to the shimmering, dancing light on the water, or dozed an hour away on a stone bench in a sunny, herby smelling kitchen garden. Once, wandering alone through the squares near the university I heard madrigal singing; it was a group from the university, but for an instant I felt as if a door had opened and I had stepped back through time.

For whatever reason, I love it there.


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