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I'm going to visit Scotland in the summer of 2014.
Could any local tell me the most worth visiting places?
I'm not local, I'm Italian like you, but I just came back from Scotland. I visited Endinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. What I can tell you is that Edinburgh is a wonderful city and definitely a "must-see" if you go up there. In Edinburgh I liked to discover the city walking in the center, you should go to the Castle, walk in the Royal Mile and also discover Holyrood Palace. Everything is wonderful.
Secondly, I don't suggest you to visit Glasgow, I didn't like it at all, even if I was prepared to see an "average" city. Too modern and "gray", no particular places that struck me. I've been there few hours, so maybe I can't say much about Glasgow.
Inverness was the real surprise of my trip. Small and lovely town, full of particular and traditional buildings, I stayed in an amazing B&B in Fairfield Road, a street all dedicated to B&B. If you go there, you should visit the path along the river with the "Islands": the famous Ness Islands Walk. Something that make you think that it is really worth to move there. Also, Loch Ness is there, few miles away. I suggest you to go by bus and visit "Urquhart Castle".
I was also lucky, because the weather was perfect and I enjoyed my stay. :p
Make sure you visit Edinburgh. Very pleasant city, except for all the one way streets.
Edinburgh during the festival, amazing experience. The whole city becomes one big stage, simply marvelous. You may wanna check the webpage and learn a bit more about it.
I'm going to visit Scotland in the summer of 2014.
Could any local tell me the most worth visiting places?
The best way to explore Scotland is by car. I can suggest you a very beautiful route.
If you’re coming from London on M74, when you reach Glasgow, look for Fort William direction. You should get on to A82 road eventually. I have never been in Glasgow, so I don’t know whether it’s worth visiting.
On A82 just off Glasgow landscape will start changing dramatically. You will enter mountainous terrain. To the right along the road there’s Loch Lomond. Plenty of car parks to stop and have snapshots. Once you reach junction with A85, still continue on A82.
Road A85 to Oban also provides plenty of views. But from that junction on to Fort William arguably gives the best sceneries of highlands. You can see Ben Nevis (the highest peak in U.K) in a distance. Continue towards Fort Augustus along Lochs. There is castle on the lake.
There are plenty of B&Bs along to stay overnight. Having reached Inverness, take A9 towards Edinburgh. Don’t miss Blair castle somewhere down the road.
You can check Stirling castle on your way. And finally Edinburgh – must see.
The best time to visit it is during festival days sometime in August. It’s got unique architecture.
Scotland is a land of mountains and wilderness. It has various visiting places like: Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness, Holyroad palace,Holyroad park and museum of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.Its most visiting place is Edinburgh Museum.It has a wide collection of history.It is really an informative and interesting museum.
After reading your post, Ameelia, I can easily understand that you have huge information about the Scotland and its points of interests, I have been there visited once but at that time I could not visit the attractions of the country due to my health issues. Now if i get a chance to be there then will explore some of these.
Attractions Sounds very nice that you have mentioned in our post, JUstin321, I think that are worth seeing in the Scotland. I will visit these places whenever i find a chance to go there. I hope will spend nice time with the attractions. I am excited about the tour.
Yeah, Of course, I will like to share my views with you after coming back. I hope will go there as soon as possible. By the way would you like to share your next plan about traveling??
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Your post shows that you had great time in the Scotland. I would like to know about you most favorites and heart touching destinations in this country. I hope you will like to reply me.
I plan to visit Scotland soon and I want to know which is the real budget that I need and what are the costs of my visiting and staying in Scotland for a period of 5 days? Also, I am looking for a good recommendation for accommodation and restaurants?
I personally love Glasgow so I would highly recommend this city. It's a bit gritty, had some edge, but it has so much personality and history. The people are warm and engaging and the accents are just lovely :)
I agree, take a car and a friend and travel a lot :) Scotland has one of the best terrains in the world next to Switzerland, enjoy!

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