What are the 5 best things and 5 worst things about your country ?

Hmm, what if they are right?

Then that would be beside the point, because the problem with places where conspiracy theories are rampant is that there is a general failing to use critical thinking. Consistently describing events with unlikely scenarios sounds like a legitimate problem to me.
For the USA:

Best 5:

1) Wide diversity in climate and landscape. Tired of your life on the polar ice cap and yearning to drink a coconut on a tropical island but too lazy to renew your passport? Sure, we got that.
2) Fundamental civil rights are protected by the Constitution and are very hard to take away.
3) A surprising lack of racism and prejudice. The racial incidents that you hear about on the news are very uncommon - nearly everyone gets along on a day-to-day basis.
4) Religious bigotry is not tolerated socially. The USA has one of the best examples of people with strong religious beliefs getting along and not killing each other.
5) A wide range of subcultures and fringe groups that are socially acceptable to belong to.

Worst 5:

1) No universal health care.
2) History of mistreatment of certain racial groups. Nobody seems to know what needs to be done to make up for the past and move on.
3) Our criminal justice system is too eager to lock people up and not very interested in actually helping people change their lives.
4) Our educational system is perennially broken.
5) Lack of useful public transportation in most areas.

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