Question What are your BIGGEST pet peeves?


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What are your biggest pet peeves?

I just got back from school and left and right things were just as irritating than ever. So I wondered how many people are irritated by the same things I am. So...
Is it your spouses snoring problem?
....the way the toilet paper is set
....or is it someone asking you what your biggest pet peeve is?

Whatever it is, feel free to let it all out. It may help someone else stop and think about how annoying they really are.

Well, some of my biggest pet peeves are:

People interrupting a conversation
Television too loud (Especially with a horrible show)
When teachers start erasing the chalk board but they don't get all of it off!!!
People who visit without warning.(few exceptions)
Slow drivers
People who drive their cars with the music booming. All the while they have their seats as far back as it goes and their eyes barely able to see over the steering wheel because they're slouching. (apparently they think it's cool).
American Idol. Some people really make me hate being human.

Here are mine :

- snoring, or any noise when I am sleeping
- people who leave dirty dishes in the sink for hours (or worse days !!) before washing them (even if it isn't in my house).
- people who are late, or worse don't show up without warning (common in Belgium and France, even when you are the client)
- drivers who keeping horning in traffic jams when it won't change anything (there should be a law prohibiting this, as it is all too common in Latin countries)
- drivers who take the wrong way down a one-way street (see that many times everyday in Brussels, esp. in streets reserved for buses and taxis in one direction).
- drivers who block access to a side street at a jammed roundabout because they are on 2 or 3 lanes instead of 1 or 2 (also an everyday occurence here).

Some are related to what I call "lower class behaviour" (bad-mannered people) :

- people who drive their cars with the music booming.
- people who throw rubbish (incl. cigarette butts and chewing gums), spit or pee in the street.
- people who fart or belch in public (pretty rare here, but common in other cultures).
- people who don't clean up the their dogs' poop in the street.

Some are PC-related :

- anything slow (e.g. when my antivirus is downloading upgrades), or when a program crashes/freezes.
- I get to a page, start typing something then automatically jumps to another area of the page or another page ! (so the first few letters appear in one place, then the rest in another text area)
- I modify my search in Google, but when I press "enter" it automatically reverts to my previous keywords.
I don't have that many pet peeves, I don't really get irritated easily. Guess I can think of a few things though. ;)

-- People not calling when they say they will.
-- My computer at work being slow (which it is a lot).
-- Photocopier jams! (Oh, the trials and tribulations of administration! lol)
-- Photocopying, full stop.
-- People who carry on a long conversation with me via text message instead of just calling (unless there is a cost-related reason).
-- Actually having to do work at work.
-- Any stupid driving habits - tailgating, not looking for other cars/motorbikes at junctions, driving too fast in rain/fog/snow/etc., overtaking in crazy places... you get the picture. :blush:
Mine are:

-People who chew with their mouth open. ( I can't stand that!)
-When people are loud for no reason
-Those students in class who think they know more than the professor
-Bad cell phone manners (people who don't turn off their cell phones during, movies, lectures, etc.)
-Reality television, or any kind entertainment of that offers no kind of intellectual stimulation
-When kids throw tantrums in stores when they can't have something, but the parent won't make the effort to discipline them

-Slow downloading
Oh yeah, all of those are perfect irritants.

How about....

the people who allow their dogs to bark non-stop when it's outside. They don't do anything about it. It's especially worse when you're trying to sleep.

People who cut in line. Elderly people tend to do it a lot. To me anyway.

People who stand/sit uncomfortabley close to you in line or anywhere.

People who stare.:souka:
People who drink the last cup of coffee and don't make a new pot
Teachers who find an error on the 3rd blackboard of a calculation and erases a little bit on each board
Reality shows that are not real and/or teach children that it's ok to lie, cheat and steal for money
CHINESE SAUCE PACKETS!!!!!!! You know those small little plastic packets of sauce you find at almost every Chinese restaurant (they usually contain mustard, soy, duck etc)? Unless you have the grip strength of Hercules getting these abominations open by tearing them manually is impossible and in the absence of scissors, one must bite through it, creating a small hole.

But after successfully gnawing through it like a lion digging into an antelope, aiming it, and pulling the "trigger" the sauce flies out at a weird angle and misses my food by a mile and to make matters WORSE it comes out with so much force and distance that the little packet is essentially a mini squirt gun!!!

This usually happens with duck sauce where if I don't squeeze hard enough, it either barely comes out and runs down the packet or the scenario above happens.
I vehemently despise telephone scammers, and robocalls. I don't understand why these things are allowed to exist.

If you didn’t register with the “Do Not Call List” here is the link:
... The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls ...
Being interrupted while coding. GET LOST!!!!!!!!!
My friend has a dog that is big. My friend lives in the apartment. Having a dog in an apartment is uncomfortable....
Sticky hands/fingers and unrolled sleeves. My sleeves must be rolled to the elbow
Hay fever :(
People who say they are coming to my house at a certain time and then either not showing up or arrive much later.

People who are racist.

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