What are your thoughts on why Racism developed evolutionarily


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I have an opinion which I guess could be considered a bit Freudian. I believe that racism mainly stems from sexual competition amongst different groups of men. What I mean is that prehaps racism developed as a sort of way of protecting ones own and the groups genes from foreigners. Furthermore, I through personal experince (Which I know is anecdotal) have observed men to be far more open to racist ideals or being racist, whereas women tend not to really subscribe to such thinking (most of the time) As a result, I see racism as more of a desire to not face additonal sexual competiton from other men. However, it is also the case that many Men and Women also see people of other ethnicties or races as more attractive then their own (Exotic) Prehaps this also indicates, that racism usually only develops mainly against those of the same sex. For example, a man hates men of the other race or ethnicty and vice versa with women (This probably dissproves my other claim that women tend to be less racist however) A final note on this topic. I believe racism to be a mainly patriarcal phenomenon, what I mean is it is a male desire to protect their own women from an out group (This can also apply to non racial factors such as religion)

I am not very well educated on thus, its just something ive thought about. Id really like to hear your own counterpoints and views on this topic so I can become more well educated.
Racism as of today is not the estrangement between groups that in fact had an evolutionary/survival implications. It's literally an unnatural, well-structured and purposeful theory of dehumanization of a specific group to justify parasitism over their forced labor, which was the basis of the material production of entire societies.

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