What characterises people with high IQ's ?

To answer the thread question: impatience.

I scored 115, and on a second time days later 120. In both times I was not able to finish it in time so it got cut off. (got stuck in some questions so I lost too much time) However the last questions I went through were really tough, so I think it is quite of a decent test.

On another one I scored 113 which was very similar to one above, in terms of difficulty. I tend to score several points above 110 on those online tests, the ones that look to be legitimate. (not the easy ones that don't reflect reality, I mean you can tell)

Valid IQ testing takes hours and requires a PhD psychiatrist and can cost to 2000$ in US. I am personally satisfied with my IQ in my personal experience so I don't care about numbers even if it is below 100 or not.
While high IQ can be advantageous in certain fields that require complex problem-solving and analytical thinking, it does not guarantee success. Success is a holistic concept that encompasses various aspects of an individual's life, including career achievements, personal relationships, health, happiness, and fulfillment. I score 126 as I took the iq test

It's also important to recognize that individuals with a wide range of intellectual abilities can achieve success in their chosen fields and make valuable contributions to society.

High IQ can be an advantage in certain areas, success is influenced by a wide range of factors, including social and emotional intelligence, perseverance, creativity, adaptability, opportunity, and personal values.

Individuals who are open to new challenges and who aren't afraid to take risks tend to be more intelligent. The study used a driving simulation, and found that participants who made riskier decisions during the test had more white brain matter — an area of the brain associated with cognitive function.
Intelligent people have good observation skills, are curious, do not overestimate themselves, recognize connections, and have a healthy dose of skepticism, and so on.

We constantly hear the canard that IQ tests are bias. But we can in fact determine intelligence from brain scans.

We constantly hear the canard that IQ tests are bias. But we can in fact determine intelligence from brain scans.


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