What DNA tests have you done?

What DNA tests have you done?

  • Y-DNA test

    Votes: 63 69.2%
  • Mitochondrial DNA test

    Votes: 54 59.3%
  • Genealogical autosomal test (X-STR, etc.)

    Votes: 22 24.2%
  • Autosomal/medical DNA test (23andMe, etc.)

    Votes: 43 47.3%
  • None, but I am planning to

    Votes: 7 7.7%
  • None

    Votes: 3 3.3%

  • Total voters
23andMe and FTDNA give you this information when you do the family finder/autosomal tests.
To date, I have done the following tests:
My Ydna: I2a2b-Isles 'D2'
My Maternal Grandfather's Ydna: I1-Norse
My Father's Mtdna: H5
My MTdna: U5a1

I have not as yet taken the plunge with autosomal dna testing because I do not feel that the technology is reliable enough regarding intra-continental testing, though it appears to be [FTDNA and 23andme] regarding continental testing. Going by my paper-trail genealogy, I would imagine that an autosomal test would likely show me as 100% European.
Does DNA tribes really works?
They improved their analysis. I got a free promotion due to the fact I'm an Eurogenes project member, and DNA tribes matches were quite according to my ancestry. However, it worth mentioning that it was a joke before.
They improved their analysis. I got a free promotion due to the fact I'm an Eurogenes project member, and DNA tribes matches were quite according to my ancestry. However, it worth mentioning that it was a joke before.

1 agree 100% with your comments
I have done my full y-dna and autosomal dna and partial MTdna.What is interesting to me is how my results all match with my family history.I am an American,more exactly from the southern United States.My Y-dna was L21 and when I did further tests it showed to be a Brythonic type that was only common in the western Lowlands of Scotland and not in England or Wales.It matches with the Scotch-Irish history of my family since many Ulster Scots came originally from the western Lowlands of Scotland and the Borders.My autosomal dna was more interesting, had it done with dna tribes and it showed strong matches for Belgium but not for Germany or the Netherlands.After looking into it further I found its because a large part of my family history and the English settlers who came to the southern United States in colonial times came mainly from southern England and the West Country and what was bascially the old kingdom of Wessex.This is also the main area where Belgic Celtic tribes lived.I even found sources where people today in places like Somersetshire,Gloucester,Wiltshire,Hampshire England today had the same Belgic matches I did.My MTdna is H and that is all I know about that for now.
I have done tests with various companies since 2004, but have stayed with FTDNA the last 8 years.
New DNATest Results

I'm a new member of Eupedia with Y-DNA and MT-dna results that I just received

Y - I-M253
mtDna - T2B

My male ancestors are from Denmark and my maternal ancestors are from England. I'd like to learn more about T2B.

The test was done by Geno 2.

I also have autosomal results from Ancestry.Com and Geno that I can mention later.

Thanks, David
Y-dna and autosomal.
And what's your Y and/or mt haplogroup?

My Y haplogroup is commonly referred to these days as R1b-U106*.
At present,I don't fit in any of the subclades,the major one being L-48+.
We have a new Walk The Y project at FTDNA,for searching for new Y SNP's in U106's that are negative for L-48.

My mitochondrial haplogroup is H1*.
H is the most common mito haplogroup amongst Europeans.

I've had 67 Y markers tested by FTDNA,and partial SNP testing.Already had tested + for S21 at EthnoAncestry,and that was confirmed by FTDNA.
Also had HVR1 and HVR2 done by FTDNA.
And also CCR5,where I discovered I do have a 32 base-pair deletion,and also 1 normal copy.
The most recent thing I did was 23andMe.

What about you?

Where can I take a dna test telling me my subclad of R1a? I took a dna test with ancestry.com and it only told me I am R1a. I also took their autosomal dna test and it told me I was 29% Scandinavian, 63% Eastern Eruopean, and 8% uncertain. Three of my grandparents are from Slovakia and the fourth is an American European mix of Western Europe excluding Italy, Spain and the Scandanavian countries. How accurate do you think ancestry.com's dna test is? and Also why I show up as havig such high Scandinavian when I have no known ancestors from there.
Very Interesting. Its great to see other Americans who want to and do learn about their heritage. So many people in the u.s say im Irish or English or whatever, but know absolutely nothing about it in reality and don't care to learn about or visit the places where their ancestors came from.
I am:
Y-DNA: T1a2*-L131 (CTS11984)
mtDNA: L3e2b

Mtdna T1a1

I made family finder test, DF100, deepclade deep, test mt on hvr1 / 2....

I am with Y DNA german baltic
with German Mt DNA east or ashkznaze

with autosmale: northwest German, German centers or east; French Basque; French Basque or Aragon

Ethniquement I am Basque

nationality French

Here is in the fact that you can expect contradictory when you undertake tests.
Still none of the tests, but I hope that I will get some money these days, so I can do y dna test on 12 markers finally, altough my final goal is to do a test on 37 markers. I will do FTDNA test because they have test on 12 markers, they are the cheapest and I can add money later to upgrade the test to 37 markers
Family Finder.
Full mtDNA Sequence
Big Y

Big Y data also analysed at FGC and YFull.

Phased with one parent.

Living DNA.

My Y is L1b2c or L-FGC51036 via L +M20 + M22 +SK1412 +SK1414 +FGC51036.

My mtDNA is H6a1a8.

My auDNA is European, NW European. It is atypically Continental for a British tester.

My family history and recorded genealogy is all SE English, including 77% to 85% East Anglian over the past 250 years or so
I've done a single test with LivingDNA and the results were:

Y-DNA: L151+ (U106-, P312-, & S1200-)

mtDNA: V15a

My autosomal results were:

Europe 100%
Great Britain and Ireland 90.6%
East Anglia 26.8%

Southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland 12.4%

Southeast England 8.8%

Northwest England 8.1%

Devon 5.8%

South Central England 5.5%

Ireland 5%

North Yorkshire 4.5%

Cornwall 4.4%

Central England 2.1%

South England 2.1%

Northumbria 2.1%

Northwest Scotland 1.7%

Orkney 1.3%

Europe (unassigned) 9.4%

The autosomal results are a pretty accurate reflection my family tree over the last few hundred years and the only surprises were the figures for the Northwest, Northwest Scotland, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and the Orkneys, given that I have no known relatives from these areas (although I understand that there maybe some overlap with neighbouring areas and this may help to account for the Northwest results).

The 9.4% Europe (unassigned) result was also interesting and unexpected. I'm hopeful that this figure will be broken down further once the Complex and Cautious results are made available. :)
-Britain dna (chromo2 complete)
-National Geographic (GENO2.0 Next Generation)
-Genos (Medical DNA)
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