What do we know about J1_P58+?

Arabian J1 has a typical subclade which is L222. Absent or very rare in Europe.
P58 can indicate semitic or arab ancestry , you need to test more to find your clade
I think that the most interesting subclade of P58 is Z18271 (Y3088) because it can be a proof of existence of biblical Jacob. Quite interesting subclade is also FGC8712 because Muhammad probably belonged to it and it has Jewish subbranch ZS2121. Interestingly, Y3088 and FGC8712 are not related closely. Z18271 is "the most Jewish" haplogroup and it expands quite suddenly, it has TMRCA about 3600 ybp (or one-two century more) in my opinion (about 25% larger than 2900 ybp suggested by YFull).
Arabian J1 has a typical subclade which is L222. Absent or very rare in Europe.
interesting .. in Najd - Saudi Arabia it is probably the most common Y-DNA among the tribal Arabians, myself included (under FGC7944 - Dawasir tribe, Badarin sub-tribe) from "Azd Bani Mazin" pre-Islamic tribe
Perhaps you are one of two Lebanese that match my J-P58 subclade

I'm Lebanese and I'm J1-P58
Hello, I was to find my rare subclade to be J-ZS3979. there were only 5 examples from Spain and 2 from Lebanon. This is the most refined subclade I have seen to date from my sample. I[FONT=&quot]t goes: J-P58>J-CTS9721>J-PF4678>J-Z1865>J-Z1865>J-Z1853>J-L862>J-PF4843>J-Z18297>J-ZS18292>J-FGC62793>J-FT78476>J-ZSJ-ZS2589>J-Z2566>J-ZS3981>ZS3979. Sorry for all that but there is no skipping around it seems. Have you your results to this degree?[/FONT]
Next to E1b1b one of the most typical yDNA among Semites. If you are J1-P58 chances are very high it is Semite derived.

That is not true. Not all J1-P58 clades are of Middle Eastern origin, J-P58 itself likely originated from the Caucuses like the preceding J1 lineages.

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