What do you like about living in France ?

What do you like about living in France ?

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For our members who have lived or are living in France, especially those who weren't born and raised there, what do you think are the attractions of living in this country ?
Ok, it seems like I am one of the few members here who live in France and I am a foreigner.

I am not white. I often get people looking at me here with great interest, (especially Children they like to stare at me, sometimes touch me as I look different from them!) Their mothers would applologised. I guess a person like me is rare here, most of their immigrants are from North Africa or are Asian refugees.

I think the best part about living in France is their good healthcare and free education.

I am also a big fan of high class dining, and French fashion. As I travel a lot living here is good for travel as there are lots of places in France to visit and there are lots of countries near by that we can visit by car or by train.

The quality of food here is also high, no hormone injected meat, and as the French people are very fussy about their foods the quality of foods is really high.

Chocolates here taste very different than the ones sold in Australia even though they are the same brand! Coffees here are small and refine, small is good, I like small.
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Oops.. I don't live in France. But I have been there zil of times and will never be tired of travelling there.

Oops.. I don't live in France. But I have been there zil of times and will never be tired of travelling there.

Travelling and living (long-term, not just a few months) in a country are two very different things ! Most of the time a country will appear more pleasant to short-term visitors than to people who live there and have to deal with the local businesses (telecommunication and construction companies being among the worst, in general), the inefficient administration, and so on.
Natural beauty and elgant place that made their beauty much bigger ,mainely i like in France industry infrastrucure, as so on like President Place.........................

Unfortunately I do not know France, but my father knows Paris. And I think since she saw Parisian girls he is not the same.:LOL: :heart:
I went to France on holiday , to Paris. It is a beautiful city but I would not like to live there, I`d prefer the French countryside. Not quite sure where however :)
Cote d'Azur for me. I know it only from TV, but love it already.
How much is a house with sea view there?
Crosby, Here I am going to tell you that France is a nice city to having fun. I have visited there two times in my life and collected very nice moments in my mind also in my camera. I think you also should try to visit there as soon you can go.
I feel sad I like to share with ou I have never been visited France ever in my life. But according to my aunt, France is a perfect destination fo travelling point of view. I want to visit France in my summer holidays with my younger bro. i hope this wish will be fulfill in next holidays. Can you like to share with me its attractions names?
I like the high Numbers of immigrants, feel like i'm travelling in Africa each time I take the RER

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