What do you think of the French male "black-and-white" waiters ?

Do you like the male "black-and-white" waiters in French cafés or brasseries

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  • Yes, I don't mind them.

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  • Not more or less any other waitstaff.

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  • They are not my favourite.

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It is hard to find a café or brasserie in Paris that is not attended by male waiters wearing a black-and-white suits with a bowtie. Even outside France, in a city like Brussels (sometimes dubbed "little Paris"), many cafés and Belgian or French brasserie-type restaurants are attended by such waiters. I am not talking about those in luxury restaurants, that are usually much more humble and attentive to customers.

Personally I am not very fond of them (some days I might just say that I can't stand them). Naturally, I prefer to have a cute waitress than a man to take my orders. But that is not only a gender issue. I find this particular type of waiters to be quite haughty, unpleasant, and prone to cheating customers who look like tourists. They usually look down on customers as if they "owned the place" and wanted to make it clear. Instead of feeling welcomed, I just feel like customers are just being tolerated because they pay. This is all the opposite of what waitstaff should be doing. I found it especially untolerable after getting accustomed to Japanese waitresses, where any customer is treated as well as in a 5-star palace, even in a fast-food restaurant.

I now boycott any place tended by these penguin waiters, as I just can't enjoy the atmosphere.

Any like-minded persons ?
I believe that is more a matter of "cachet" for the bar or brasserie, and some are certainly quite rude or behave like they know it all, and my experience had shown me to avoid these "penguins" if they are between 18 and 40. Professional waiters should be responsible enough to know that their behaviour reflects on the reputation of their employer. The same can be told about virtually any kind of staff anywhere, especially where students are employed on slavery wages. Basically, if you enjoy the service you are given, tip. Being aware that places like Paris and Brussels are very likely to have you experience distateful waiters if you speak with the wrong accent can help you prepare to it. I reassure you, having travelled a fair bit, useless staff is not a French speciality...
It is a question that does not matter for me, in fact I do not like the bars and attempt to avoid them.
I can't belive you don't take your cortado in the bar de la esquina or in the bar del barrio... Spanish bars are much friendlier than in any other part of Europe. And watching the Liga games in the bar with friends has no price...

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