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I've tested .. Haplogroup is U2 .. Ive matched someone who lives in Italy.. He is the only one I can see but when I look at Ancestral Origins page (in FTDNA) it says me : HVR1 Matches : Germany 1 Country Total 12,628. Italy 1 Country Total 3,977 Switzerland 2 Country Total 1,526.. How should I understand this? I mean where was my maternal lineage from or what was my maternal lineage's race is.. Moreover , U2 is an odd haplogroup which exists in Slavs - Turks - Teutons - Spanishes - Caucasians- Indians - Pakistanis ( In pakistan , it also lives in Hunza people who are not accepted as native Pakistani because they dont look like natives... it also lives in Kalash people who are definitely Slavs..(Belarussia contains %3 Macedonia %3 And it also lives in Makranis but they are children of Baluch but Baluchs dont have so many U2 haplogroups...It also lives in Sindhi people) So I think Sindhis have it because of mix like some Gujarats...) Moreover this is a Hun Turk haplogroup from a Hunnish tomb in Mongolia..Latvia %3 ... Finally I'm so confused.

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