What if...? Number 3


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I've been thinking about this one for a while and have decided to post it as my next What if...? It should peak the interest of those who have an interest in European history.

What if the English channel never existed and the UK was joined to Europe?

How would it have changed the way the world is today? Consider that the Industrial revolution started in the UK. If the UK was physically joined to Europe would it have happened? Compared to the rest of Europe in the mid 18th Century, Great Britain was fairly stable, politically and economically. If there was no barrier between Britain and Europe could Britain have maintained this stability? Would the UK as we know it exist, or would the wars and conflicts of the 11th and 12th century turned Britain into part of France? Without the existance of the UK would the US exist as it does today or would it exist at all? All answer cheerfully welcome, as usual :)
No Channel? I could be speaking French or German instead of English.
Europe would be a dominating power...possibly even more so than America.

However, without the channel i believe that the united kingdom would have fell to Hitler's regime, and he dominating power would have been an incredibly scary one...If the romans hadn't completed dominated us by then anyway.

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