What is my R1a1a subclade?


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So I got my results from 23andMe saying that my male DNA is R1a1a.

But now I see there are many subclades to this.

How do I found out what my subclade is?
I found a cool site called GEDmatch, where you can run the raw genetic data through a bunch of computers.

they said, as I expected originally, that my combined DNA is closest to Greeks, Italians, Sicilians, Bulgarians, Romanians, and other folks in the north Mediteranean.

this makes the most sense, and its too bad 23andMe didn't get this specific.

simply identifying my Y DNA as R1a1a is waaaay too vague and general.
Hello Oscar,

unfortunately, 23andMe doesn't distinguish between R1a1a clades. You have to re-test your Y-DNA in another company, FTDNA or YSEQ.

Where is your patrilineage from?
My father's family is all from western Ukraine/Slovakia.

Ashkenazi Jews.

I ran my 23andMe raw DNA results through the Morley Subclade Predictor for my R M-417 (R1a1a) and I got as my most likely clade L1029, which is found in a wide swath of Central Europe; my patriline is German in origin; being an American, that is the country my male-line ancestor immigrated from to come to America. It's really easy on the MorleyDNA site, they walk you through how to do it.
You can go to the raw data in 23andme and look for SNP rs ids matching your subclades gradually testing and moving like R1a -> R1a1 -> R1a1a etc. There is such a table.

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