What is the R1b-L21/L1065 Scot's modal 2 ?


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I'm not talking about the LSC but what Ken Nordvedt used to call R1b-L21 Scot's modal type 2.

at one time he or someone wanted to call it the Campbell subclade, until they found out they weren't the only ones who had it although it's largely made from people with that surname

Its basically the sub-clade of the Campbell group 30, at the FTDNA Campbell project

its' the same as the L21-1335-L1065+ Scot's Modal but t has a very few certain, distinctive off markers from the larger Scot's Modal L1065 that fit a distinct pattern and is clos to being almost unique to the Campbells.

thy say it coms from earlier Strathclyde Britons from Dunbarton/Renfrewshire and most likely from the clan progenitor, Gilespie Cambel who was a follower of the Earls of Lennox

but does anyone here know much about this R1b-1335-L1065 cluster? where exactly it came from? when?and why it's found almost90% of the time in people with Campbell connections r ancestry?

I it really just a cluster of the Scot' Modal?

I only because it' the R1b-1335+L1065+ cluster I match for almost 100% but my surname is not Campbell nor is it a sept f that Clan/family or does it have any connection historically at all to the area they lived or the Highlands

Ive fund about 2or 3 other people with my surname or came from someone with it, who also have this marker from the Ulster Y-DNA project at FTDNA but none of us are related at all through any family connections in the last 600 years but its jst other people with the same name, no Campbell connection but have this exact set of markers

also is it fro the L1065+ version of R1b-L335?/the Scots Modal?

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