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Here is a little self-evaluation which I have created myself based on my understanding of the listed languages and the culture/mentality associated with each of them. Please read the description an choose the one that fits you best. The languages matching each description are hidden at the bottom of the page (select all with the mouse to read).

1. You are extroverted and sociable and feel a strong need to be with your friends or family as much as you can. You can't stop talking because you just love it. You are wary of strangers, but don't let it appear too much. You have strong opinions and an overflowing imagination, so that it is not always easy for you to respect authority.

2. You are very rational and picky when it comes to nuances in vocabulary or subtle grammatical mistakes. You are sometimes a bit too critical or quick to judge other people. You have a high self-esteem but do your best to look cool and friendly with people you care about. It is difficult for you to just say things simply, as you like thinking about an elaborate way of expressing even the most banal feelings.

3. You are a quite emotional person (you cry or get surprised easily) and like talking about how you feel and what you like and dislike. You are polite and helpful, but feel insecure and are easily worried about small things and what people think of you. You have a fondness for cuteness and can be seen as a bit naive at times.

4. You have a pretty relaxed approach to life and this combined to your down-to-earth logic make you appear very self-controlled. You are analytical and like making full use of your language's nuances when you deem it necessary. You feel that the way a person speaks is the best clue to understand who they really are. You are very independent-minded and don't care much about what strangers think of you. Sometimes people find you original or eccentric for this excessive free-thinking.

5. You are unpretentious and don't like showing off, although you are quite confident of your own value. You don't like excessive display of emotions or eccentricity. You are very down-to-earth and quite respectful of others, even when you don't agree with their ideas. You tend to be quiet, methodical, thourough and careful in your dealing with people. You favour discretion and "traditional good taste".

6. You like being surrounded by others, but are not always a good communicator because of your high self-esteem. You are always looking for a way of making you look good, or at least honourable. You feel insecure but hate to admit it and try to not let it transpire. You are seen as warm and friendly, but can also be aloof or somber at times.

7. You are extroverted and outspoken, but also very superstitious and emotional. You like meeting people and making new friends. You are very matter-of-factly and don't care much about little nuances in language as long as you can communicate effectively. You are influenceable and care a lot about your image and standing in society.

8. You are relaxed, friendly, sociable and self-controlled. You like talking but not necessarily about yourself, as you are quite reserved. You have a disposition for philosophical thinking and fatalism and greet life wit a smile even in the harshest circumstances. You are not a worrier, but prefer thinking or talking to physical activities.

9. You like things to be organised and clear. You are rational, methodical, patient and prefer proved and tested ways to new and risky ones. You like to know your stuff in the slightest detail, and use technical jargon to talk about it. You often feel uneasy, in which case you search for well-established marks. You are friendly but dislike excessive display of emotions.

4.British English
9. German
Wow, this is a tough test you created here. I'm having a hard time identifying my favorite language according to your description. All I can think of is my tendency to "avoid excessive display of emotions," which might lead me in the direction of 5. Dutch or 9. German, but I also find myself breaking this tendency quite often.

I'm also a bit too "critical of / and quick to judge others" which might make me to prefer 2. French and dislike 7. Chinese, but I also break this pattern; in fact I like both French and Chinese, possibly because of the people who spoke and wrote in these languages.

I got Arabic or Hebrew in Lina's test, so I guess I'm just too difficult to decide on language matters, and that probably explains my predisposition to dabble in different languages. I just haven't fulfilled my destiny. This last fatalistic aspect might also be telling me that I should also look towards Hindi at some point.

Interesting test, Maciamo. I'm curious what kind of mind can create a test of such complexity and organization. The late Aristoteles might have written something of this encyclopaeidc nature in his Physica; The natural tendencies of the Barbarians and the Classification of the Aboriginal Temperaments reflected in their Barbarous Speeches. Perhaps you found some unknown manuscript stashed away in some ancient temple in India?
Hmm, let's see - I'd say 4. fits clearly the best.
Of the others, 9. isn't half bad either.
Let's see, that would be...

British English and German! :D
Wow, that's very interesting indeed... didn't know I'm typical British. God shave the Queen! :D
I can identify myself with all of those paragraphs. I'm I schizophrenic?
Seems I am british (No surprise there) with a dash of dutch and german.
Definitely analytical, worked in a lab for six years, and don't really mind what people think of me. The dutch part of me seems to be the respect for people views and the german is the technical part. I enjoy books on quantum psysics and history, in other words I like facts.
I got Japanese... o_o I don't know if I'm very polite (I hope I am! ^^; ) but I certainly do worry about what people think of me.
British and half French.
I'm not good at expressing feelings though. My mum thinks i'm kinda dead inside...
Aparently I'm Japanese and Dutch for languages. Hmm, interesting combo.

British, and a bit of dutch and hindi (didnt fit the personalities of 5. and 8. too well). This test is potentially dangerous as it can make you stray from learning japanese :eek: :p
Doc said:
Aparently I'm Japanese and Dutch for languages. Hmm, interesting combo.

Incidentally they were the first to make contact in Japanese history. But this is bad science...superstitious that is. :p
JustJosh said:
I can identify myself with all of those paragraphs. I'm I schizophrenic?
I don't usually do this, but just this once.
Okay, let me feel my fingers through the folds in your cerebrual layers.....
What..else..do..see..you..are..not..on..ly..schizo..phrenic..but..you..are..destined..to ..save..
the..whales..in..fact..you..are..diag..nosed..with..multi..polar..*****..damn..I..can't..make..out..the letters
Sorry that's as far as I can read. Lost connection, but you phrenological profile looks both unique but normal. I suggest you eat lots of green vegetables and colored ones just so you can become more whole in your next life!
I feel all warm inside now...
The one that I closely resembled was Italian. Hmmm, time to study a bit of Italian!
I got #4 wich is English. But in all honesty I hate speaking English and want desparatly to learn Japanese and German so I can speak either one of those in it's place. Wierd.
japanese and dutch as well -.-
I'm German and Hindi. :souka:

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