What music are you listening to?

In the spirit of Halloween

A very good series to watch today :)
I only listen to Mexican music. This is good song.

L'Arcusgi: Lotta Ghjuventu

Some of L'Arcusgi's songs are really to my taste. Even though I live about 10,000km away from Corsica and am an Korean with no connection to them, listening to this song makes me want to support their goals.
The power of a well-made song is truly amazing.
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Pizzica this :

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after a long illness ...6 months plus....................the only song that de-stressed myself....do not know why, but it did

coastline by Hollow Coves
Recreation of a medieval song with Galician-Portuguese lyrics.
This medieval poems (Cantigas de amigo) where very influenced by the Occitan troubadours.
Galician–Portuguese is the medieval ancestor of modern Portuguese and Galician.

It happened to hear him on a trip.


Notice at 10:40 the typical ashtray in Balkans
Sciardinu - The Garden
… careful not to end up like Adam, he lost the Garden for a Fruit!

A culture that Holywod wil never understand or produce.

Roma caput mundi
'εν Χριστω τω Θεω πιστος βασιλευς και αυτοκρατωρ Ρωμαιων

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Rock music sung in beautiful and melodic ancient dead languages.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Greenday) in Classical Latin

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) in Old Norse
Another good aussie band ...............The Temper Trap

song below , I first heard as the fianl song in the film............3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner and Amber Heard


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